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Minions drop tons of items


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I play on a AotBT Server that runs 10.0.9.c


The minions are very useful to dig out a large area. They are cheap, fast and easy to use. But now i have a big Problem. They dug out a little bit to much add dropped all the cobblestone by themselve. Now somewhere lay over 15.000 items on the ground!

The Server is fine and also my client did not use much CPU or RAM but my framerate dropped to 1 frame every 20-30 seconds! Other players have no problems until they come close to the (i call it now) chunk of death.

I spend 4 hours (and many disconnects) to find and remove the items with my dubstep gun, but i can't find them -.-


Is there a way to delete these items without install any additional mods? Server restart did'nt help.

They should disapper after 6000 ticks, but it seems that this region have 0.0000000000....1 ticks and players will be disconnected after a couple of minutes. May this took years...



And finaly, to prevent this issue in future. Is it possible to set a max value of items the minions can hold?



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/cofh killall item



will get rid of all the item entities. please note you need to be an op to perform this command. Chunk(s) may need to be loaded for this command to work on them




i spend hours of googeling and didn't find any useful solution. "/cofh killall item" works perfect for me :D THX

And the items will deleted even the are not loaded yet.

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