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Wolfy's Blog #1 - New Mods




Okay, hey! Just sitting at home and just thought of a bunch of mods which would rock so I'll tell y'all then I'll get in to my first EVER blog/comment topiccy thingy-mo-bobby.


Sooooo..... *breaking arkward silence* mod list is:



1. TV mod:

Now, you're probably thinking "But Wolfy, a mod about TV why not use Mr.Crayfish's Funiture mod to watch nyan cat (meowmeowmeowmeow, it possess you) and he-man". But, this more than that! The idea is that it spawns in generated studios with labels for TV shows like, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and Doctor Who. Basically, this will take you to minecraft versions of the scenes and meetings with the characters. It would be a good idea for fans of the shows. People not like me. You know. *Scracthes the back of the head* It's not like I'm obsessed with HIMYM. I have to go now. Anyway I just think it would be legen...wait for it...dary.


2.Star Trek mod:

Okay so this is a mod where you can build rockets which you can walk around on (no hard feelings, Galacticraft?) and upgrade to go further. Plus uniforms and laser pistols or rifles or guns to fight klingons. Railguns would be a nice addition. Some characters like Kirk or Spock. One last thing The Enterprise would probabaly be the final upgrade.


3. The Minecraft mod:

Sorry not the best idea ever


4.Industries mod:

A mod that let's you hire workers, build factories and create most modern items.



Sorry that last one was brief later on in the blog I have an interview with youtuber, Ryan Higa,

Owl: 'O' Rly?

Me: No, not really. Or in other words TEEHEE


I am not saying I'm gonna rage if theese don't happen but just saying. And actually I think I might make blogging a regular thing. So hope you enjoyed. Oh and one last thing [i do blabber on] if you're gonna say "But Wolfy! This is the requests section so why you putting your vlogs in it?" Well, my issue #1 is a mod suggestions list so Durrrrrr! 


See ya soon,




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You haven't read the Rules at all...

Reading rules?



Creating new thread about 1000years old dreams already discussed and forgotten, then discussed and forgotten and then discussed and forgotten across all possible forums?



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