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Best way to store liquids?


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I would say open block tanks becuase they can store a lot

OpenBlocks tanks can store 16,000 mB per tank, Thermal Expansion has tanks which can hold up to 4x that amount per block, which is the best way to store liquids (depending on your requirements).

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While the TE tanks can hold more the Openblocks tanks are cheaper to make and look better when full of liquids such as molten metal. You can even edit the Openblocks config to have their tanks hold more buckets.

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The open blocks tanks can be used to create an infinite amount of space. When you place them together they share any liquid between them. You could therefore store a whole world full of a liquid in them. Also the open block tanks are completely transparent so you could fill them up with molten obsidian and use them as a decoration block. Alternate with liquid xp in open block tanks and you can have a checkerboard green and purple wall. Also if you click on them with a bucket you can fill up directly from the open block.


The thermal expansion tanks are good for having them in a set up which needs a visual que. For example if you want to place liquid ducts to a remote area then instead of a liquid pipe you can place a thermal expansion tank. The tank will fill up and then push the liquid through to the rest of the pipe if any is attached. If you stop producing a liquid the tank will output its storage. It comes with markers that gives you an estimate of how much liquid you have left. Having multiples of this type of tank costs resources and they don't attach to each other except on the ends. You can also specify if you want to input only or output only. You can also have one end on input and the other on output.

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