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TekkitLite Anarchy is a new server hosted my myself, it has no banned items, and when i say that i mean it you can use mystcraft all you want along with all the other modpack mods.


To join just put the IP: Bioware.no-ip.info


And i will not tp you worlds, if your dumb enough to get trapped in a world without a return book; ur ded. so get a linking book asap





1. I will not tp you to someone else, unless you are both agreeing to it


2.I will not give you items, so don't ask plz ;_;


3.Don't spam mystworld, i only had 3gb on the server so don't go OTT on the worlds, altho i am not restricting people if they keep a steady pace at least.


4.Don't intentionaly leave machines and stuff on when logged out, its annoying.

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