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new tekkit lite server


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IGN: Mercurus


Why I want to Join: I am so weary of playing singleplayer and I want a small, new server to join with a nice community. By reading the posts, I can tell this is going to be quite the nice server and have a fun community. It seems like a cool place for my fun, quirky personality!

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WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: just get tired of owning my own server and would like others to play w/o op or gm. ps. wowning my own server is time taking or what ever you wanna call it, i just wanna get away from it sometimes.

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hello i have a basic new tekkit lite server with a whitelist that i would like to have some good, fun people to play with


rules are:

1.No stealing

2.No Destroying others creations

3.DO not ask to be OP


Please apply with:


IGN: Joekos


AGE: 21


WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN:  I like to support small servers that likely have not many trolls and also I want to start being able to build creations without worrying about them being destroyed by some one within five minutes



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IGN: Thekingkitty




Why: Small servers > large servers. This is because it's easier to learn who is active and inactive, rather than a giant cluster of people running around joining and leaving. Tekkit Lite with Multiplayer is also a lot of fun, so combining the two makes a great experience.

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IGN: Aliksup


AGE: 13


WHY I'D LIKE TO PLAY: Because I can't find any good grief-free and fair server. So I found a nice white-listed one right here! Please let me in. I promise I will not swear, cheat (I have no idea how to do that anyways), grief, steal, kill or anything like that. I will always follow the rules and I will be honest. I want a small server WITHOUT annoying griefers.


Thanks! I hope you'll let me in! :)

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