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Hexxit Pirate issue - bug or my ignorance?


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I faced Pirate Captain on one of the small pirate boats yesterday with my son together.

Pirate Captain challenged us with 2-3 additional pirates. It was easy fight with normal pirates however it was impossible to kill Pirate Captain (the one with Feather on the top of his helmet).

He has 60HP and seems to regenerate pretty fast, He also do some lighting/storm attack from the sky.

None of these abilities were real problem.

We were equipped with full diamond armor and swords.


The problem is that every time we hit him with any weapon (including bow from distance) weapon disappeared. Sometimes it was possible to find weapon somewhere around (ocean bottom) but mostly we just lost it. After a few minutes we have lost all our weapons and tools.


Is this some strange ability of Pirate or it is bug? I am unable to find any note about such ability anywhere in minecraft/hexxit/better dungeons sources.


Thanks for any help or clue


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That sir was no glitch. I also don't believe what you were fighting was actually what's known as a pirate captain.


Sounds like you encountered an infernal mob. Mobs can have special abilities. It should say under their name what abilities they have. Sort of like Diablo. The mob in question you were fighting had sticky. So anytime he's struck he pulls your weapon from you. I suggest getting some magnetic meteorite armor, that way when you encounter sticky enemies your weapons fly back to you after a few seconds.


As far as not being what's known as a pirate captain, he may have been the captain of the particular boat you attacked, but he's just treated as another pirate, same attacks etc. The large 3 floor pirate ships have pirate captains. They have 200hp they wield ninja daggers and make clones of themselves to fight you and can turn invisible (you can still see their weapons bobbing where they are walking).

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you are right. It wasn't Pirate Captain. I thought that the pirate with feather on the helmet is the Captain but it is not.

We faced real Pirate Captain later on, on the  two deck boat. It was fair fight 2:1 and we killed him - no big problem.


Regarding your suggestions to use magnetic armor: I have used one armor item with magnetic effect already and its behavior is far away from something reliable.

So result was as described - we have lost almost all of our weapons and tools that we used in panic :)


Anyway: thanks for clarification. We will just avoid this mob as not able to kill with our skill.

I'm glad to see that is not a bug and the generated world is ok.


Thank you.

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