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[1.2.9e] NiteOwl Tekkit - No Whitelist or banned items


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NiteOwl Tekkit

-=Live Free, Build Hard=-

Tekkit ver. 1.2.9e

Cut the BS and just play some tekkit!

- NO Banned Items = Build what you want, the way you want

- NO Whitelist = Play instantly

- Friendly Staff = Make a home

- NO PvP = Focus on the game

- Just... Play


Dedicated Server =




Our Spawn:






The Fallen Castle:




The Water Temple:


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would totes appreciate it if the server was reset.

because of the crash that made the server unrecoverable, it'd be nice to start fresh instead of a zone that's been messed around with by creative mode


make a lot of backups

different hard drives

that one odd flash drive you never use

just do that

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