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New AOTB server

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I just started a new AOTB server and I'm looking for some players to play along on the server..

That makes it just so much more fun ofcourse :-)


The only requirements to apply are being older than 16, preferably even older than 18..

It's a plain server install, without any additional mods or plugins so no one is protected from other players..

That's why I'll ban any player that tries to steal, grief, or destroy anyones property.


So if you want to join, let me know and I might just send you the IP  :)

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I would love to play on the server! :)

Age: 17

Userrname: dummy2001

umm.... tell me if you want more info :D

I hope to be playing with you soon!

- dummy2001

if you think that the 2001 means the year, it is the date when i got my minecraft (20th of January) I live in finland so the date order is switched

Is the server 24/7

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Well I'm don't meet the age requirements and I'll be honest I'm 13, but your server looks good and I'll tell you that I'm quite mature for my age. My IGN is Nyalis and I hope you take my application into consideration.

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Not sure if there are still any server spots left but I would love to join the server!

IGN- Heyjude432

Skype- kenneth.cortes4

Age- 17

Region- East US


I hope to see you on the server soon bud! :D

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