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New B team server

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Age:  (If younger than 20 please explain your personality type.) 16 almost-I'm usually very friendly and get along with the community (atleast I hope that's how others see me...).I put a lot of work in to my minecraft projects.


Experience: (Like I said before, not very important.) Never played AOTB before,I have spent a lot of hours playing feed the beast tho.


How often you'll be playing: Whenever I find time,I say around 10 hours a week


Where you are from: (Also doesn't matter much, but fun to know.) I'm from Croatia,very nice country.




and last but not least, IGN:BartyKonc

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*I applied in the other thread a little while ago, but it seems as if you're more active here, so I'll just copy and paste my application.*

Age:  19 (20 next April). I'm a pretty chill guy, just like to laugh. I typically won't go out of my way to start a conversation, but I do enough talking to keep things at least somewhat interesting. I like to goof off, but I can be mature when necessary, and am usually pretty good about knowing what boundaries to cross.


Experience: I've been messing around with the pack for about two weeks now, learning new things everyday.


How often you'll be playing: I typically play two or three times daily for 1-4 hours at a time.


Where you are from: South Carolina, USA


Skype: chris.wilson1169


and last but not least, IGN: Chrill21

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age: im 12, but do not mistake me for some giggling little kid. I do love little pranks but nothing that will be harmful. Im mellow, always thinking about things and love to laugh


Experience: I have some experience with AOTB. I played Hexxit for a while so alot of the mode are familiar with me, But I still know lots about the big mods in this pack


How often you'll be playing: 2-3 hours a day, depends


Where are you from? USA


IGN: Scienceguy2002


Skype: Garbonzo1344

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Hello my name is Evileverett.(Well that is my ign) I have been searching for an attack of the b team server and most of the servers have mean and abusive staff. If i were to be accepted into your server i will bring a lot to the table. I am very trustworthy and a nice player. I enjoy playing on servers that have a small community that grows as we work together. I would adore to be on this server because i am looking to join/start a community with other mod pack users. I usually play mc everyday  and if i am  not on i am usually on every other day. My skype is chickennuggetsandcheese I am 15 years of age and from New York. My expierence with attack of the b team is low but i am looking to grow and learn and make new friends along the way. My friend heyjude432 is on the server already and i am looking foward to playing with not only him but you and the rest of the players  already having fun. Thank you and i would appreciate if you considered my application.

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Age:  21


Experience: Been playing this modpack since pretty close to it coming out


How often you'll be playing: Daily or every couple of days


Where you are from: Texas, USA!


Skype: rachel.tullos


and last but not least, IGN: RachelTullos

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Age: 24 - I'm a really helpful and peaceful person, my pranks are gifts, and I like to build/explore. Having people on a server motivates me so playing with others may result in a cool builds. 


Experience: Intermediate/Advance


How often?: A lot


Location: USA


Skype: Baby0117Doll


IGN: Baby0117Doll (just made it)


Hope to hear from you soon! ^-^

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Now tell me a little bit about you: Idk whata say but im chill, and i get into the knowledge 


Age: 21


Experience: A week of single player, intermediate experience


How often you'll be playing: At least 3 days a week, but recently i've been addicted to b-team so maybe a bit more xD


Where you are from:  Canada


Skype: d.renn14


and last but not least, IGN: Mowgl13

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