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[0.6.5] Unified-Networks| thrill-craft [No Whitelist][No Banned Items][griefprevention]

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check out our website out at http://unified-networks.enjin.com/


the server ip is


Thrill-Craft Bio

We have a nice friendly community and we are always looking for new players from all across the world to join us.

This server is based in brisbane, AUS.

Be respectful and follow the rules and everyone will have a great time.


Server Features


  • Essentials allow teleports and warps to make traveling around the world easy and convenient.
  •  Access to a resource world, building rules does not apply there.
  • Grief protection is built into the server. Claimed land is untouchable by others unless you give them permission. See plug-ins for more info.
  • A ranking system is in place to prevent players from getting into trouble before they get settled in. Each rank allows more items to be accessed and used and are gained by playing on the server and showing dedication to a peaceful and pleasant server environment. Ranks are explained below.
  • A server shop that buys and sells items to make is easy to get what you need to finish your projects.
  • Death does not cause items to drop in the over-world; you still lose experience when you die. Dying in the nether or the end will still cause you to drop items.


Admins and Mods


  • Admins are here to help and manage the server, and settle any disputes. Please listen to them and respect their commands. Thrilrider78l is the final authority on disputes and if he bans you the admins cant unban you.
  • Admins are currently: Looking for them
  • Server Owner: Thrillrider78





Rules for minecraft server


  1. Spam
    • Spam is anything that is repeated without meaningful change or providing value to the chat. Repeatedly asking for items or for help is spam. Spamming chat will result in a mute.
  2. Insults
    • Insults to people or places, including outside of Thrill-Craft, will be treated as spam. Insulting other players solves no problems, if you have a problem with another player talk to a mod or admin. Attacking the players or staff in chat or whispers will not be tolerated and will result in a mute or banning depending on the severity.
  3. Foul Language
    • Thrill-Craft maintains an all age’s server. Please keep your global chats to polite and respectful conversations.  Cussing or other offensive talk will result in a mute or temp ban.
  4. Griefing, Stealing and Animal Killing
    • Thrill-Craft is a PvE server, and we do not allow griefing. Breaking blocks or changing them with items bypassing protection will result in a ban. Taking other players items or kill their livestock is not allowed. Any blocks or items in a claimed area are off limits to anyone not trusted by the claim owner.
  5. Exploits
    • All players are encouraged to report any exploits and how they work when found. Players found using the exploits and not reporting will be treated as griefers and banned. Thrill-Craft is a survival server and all players must make their items legitimately.
  6. Quarries
    • Quarries are not allowed in the over-world. Players found placing them will be banned from using, making, or even holding a quarry.


Building Rules

  1. Large Projects
    • Try to build in an area where your projects will have room to grow. Claim all your land early; if you think you need extra claim blocks ask a mod or admin. Be prepared to show why you should get extra blocks faster than the other players. Don’t crowd other players.
  2. Home Abandonment
    • If you plan on packing up and moving to a new area or just want a fresh start, ask an admin/mod to reset your area. If you have a work of art or other addition to the server we will admin claim it and let you have your claim blocks back. A 14 day limit for claims owned by players not logged in has been put into place, after that time claims may be cleared if they are not built up.
  3.  Make it look nice
    • We try to keep the server looking nice, please helps us keep it that way. Buildings should not look like cobble stone boxes. Lazy-man construction will be asked to be fixed or removed. Consider adding a fence and some flower or windows to your projects to add beauty to the server.
  4. Working with others
    • When working with other players, be nice, be helpful, be smart. With grief prevention you can allow others to build or have access to your claims. If a dispute occurs, the owner of the claim will generally be the person the admins side with, exceptions can be made if evidence is provided.


  •  New Member: Allowed most items from mods. Given to all players. This rank is temp while we decide if you can be trusted with the full functionality of mods.
  • (Full) Member: This rank allows almost all items from the different mods to be built and used. To achieve this rank you must be promoted by a mod that feels you will be a benefit to our community. Do not ask multiple times to be promoted, you risk being muted.

Server Links

Server E-mail

[email protected]

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I joined your server today to try it out and have generally good thoughts about it. Overall the server seems professionally made with the nice spawn layout and world edit. My only complaint would be the buildings at spawn could be a little better. I can actually help a lot with this since I've been building aesthetics in minecraft for two years now.

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and Mr.Slick Sure you can help build spawn but i have it good atm and i just randomly built things as i was bored but i plan on making mystcraft warps to the teams worlds and i will be addin factions and mcmmo and each faction will have 2 ages, one to live in and one to mine in or pump oil depends what kind of age you want and what you plan on selling to get money (hint, fuel sells for alot if you sell it to me privately)

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