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private whitelist attack of the bteam server

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*MOD EDIT*: Ok people, Mr Hulse here has been banned for actively disregarding the rules and will not be coming back. Replying to this is a waste of your time.

Anyone attempting to apply for this server will be used as target practice.



Hi I am willinglyignorant, I have started a bteam whitelist server. But their are some rules.


1. Get up
2. Get on up
3. Get up
4. Get on up
5. And dance!
6. o|-<
7. o/-<

8. o-<


1. Must have ICQ
2. Must play hockey


ICQ Name:
Would you help hide a body if needed?:

Please apply! I loving this long time. Hurry because I hear sirens!!!!!

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*MOD EDIT* Since people are too lazy to read the last post before they reply, I'll add this here. This thread is not where it should be and both the creator and multiple applicants have ignored the warning given. So if people continue to apply here, I will continue to hand out warnings.
A moderator, THE LAW around here, posted that in your previous thread.
I urge people to carefully consider this.
Edited by Melfice
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(In case you're a future user wandering past thinking you'd like to join this don't bother, permanently banned means that they can't reply.  There is however this perfectly good server part of the forum which is full of server operators which haven't shown a blatant disregard for the rules.  If the implication hasn't hit you yet, someone who doesn't care for rules and has the power to delete all your stuff is not a good combination.)

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