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How to Kill Someone Wearing Power Armour?


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So the other day this person I teleported to a server troll in survival in Voltz and he killed me in like 1 shot while I was wearing power armour with all energy sheilds maxed out (they suit had battery). I want to know how he did it and how I can protect myself from this in the future. Did he use an enchanted obsidean sword? 





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I find an extremely effective method of tanking anyone in power armor is as follows:

All enchanted obsidian except for the boots, which are maxed out Power Boots w/ jets for flight.

This is an extremely good setup for PvP, however it is terrible for mobility. If you have no charged items on you, you can also use an EMP tower or explosive to decharge their armor so that you can easily defeat them.

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Force field perhaps? The interdiction matrix can swipe a persons inventory and kill them.


The only problem would be in a server/circumstance where the Interdiction Matrix is banned(the server I play on). The current flaw in my design is mobility - power armor is much more flexible in that you can soar and take quantum leaps, giving you time to regenerate health whilst the Obsidian-Armored tank player can barely catch up.

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