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ATOTBT 1.7.4?

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So, I was wondering, how do I use attack of the b-team as in minecraft 1.7.4/1.7.9? The latest build is 1.6.4, and many other builds are simply outdated. Re-installing the game does nothing, as I have the most recent build of launcher. How do I get 1.7.4 OR 1.7.9?

NOTE: I tried every build, and I don't seem to find it. Apparently, 1.7.10 Build is MC 1.7.9, but I don't have it.  

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There is no newer build than 1.0.12a, which is for 1.6.4 minecraft


If you want a modpack for the 1.7x+ minecraft you can always find and download all the authors mods and make it into a pack

while doing that, perhaps you can check if the mods are even updated to 1.7x+ minecraft?

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