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Grass Blocks?


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As transmutation doesn't seem to be working (or I'm an idiot) is there any other way to get grass blocks other than silk touch? I'm trying to put some down in my sheep pens in my base so they can be sheared for wool repeatedly.

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I know in other modpacks that EE3 will allow you to transmute dirt into grass blocks, however I believe it is not in this modpack.... as are maaaaaaaaaaany other transmutations. What i recommend doing if you don't feel like getting silk touch is to make a HUGE line of dirt touching your grass block and your sheep pen.




G= Grass block

P= Sheep Pen

D= Dirt

                                      G D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D P



Slowly bu surely the grass will grow. Add torches along the way and keep chunks loaded so it will load faster and during the night.









Be sure to add a few extra rings of dirt/grass around/outside of the pen JUST in case the sheep get to hungry!

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Without "op-ing" I can think of two possibles ways that might work - one would be extremely inelegant.


You might try using bone meal directly on the dirt.


If that doesn't work basically make a direct line of dirt blocks from a grassy area leading down into your lair where you want to set up your grazing area.  I believe it needs to be lit enough for the grass to sprout.  Clean up trail once success has been achieved.

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Getting a line of dirt to the area would be...problematic to say the least. I've already tried bone meal with no success. I suppose I need to go dimensional dungeon diving and hope for an ST book.

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I remember that this used to be possible with a Minium Stone in hand, but right now it is not. So yes, you need to use a tool enchanted with Silk Touch. Bone Meal works on existing Grass Blocks to grow flowers and decorative grass (that stuff you need to break to get your first grain seeds), but it won't even help an existing grass cover spread over bare Dirt blocks, much less create a new one.


On the upside, it is rather trivial to farm yourself a Silk Touch book once you got your MFR autofarm and Mob Essence production running. I usually go through about three full stacks of books before I get one Silk Touch, but at least I also have full armour and weapon enchantments by that time, too.


P.S.: I propose two solutions to this rather sad state of affairs for the devs to implement:

  • Enable the Minium Stone to transmute Dirt into Grass blocks and back again, losing charges; even if it does nothing else when held in hand, this will be helpful without offering any unwanted exploits
  • Add Grass blocks to the Sludge Boiler output. Mycelium is already in there, so why not Grass? Make it as rare as the Mycelium, and all will be good.

We should have a suggestion thread that the devs actually read. Although right now, I would be glad if they at least read the tracker. Not seen any of them post in a long time.

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My Sludge Boiler made over 5000 Mycelium blocks until now, and not a single Grass Block. I'm inclined to believe that if it didn't output one by now, then it probably never won't.

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