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How to add mo creatures


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Go to where you installed the Technic Launcher.

The folder will be called ".technic" and is most likely in appData => Roaming


Go to "modpacks" and pick attack-of-the-bteam.


From here on out, follow the instructions on the page of Mo' Creatures.

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I don't own a server myself, but I should think in much the same way as you would install it on your client. Of course, that only works if you have access to the server.


To fix ID conflicts, find the IDconflicts.txt and open that. It'll tell you exactly which IDs conflict.

Go to the folder "config" and open the file for Mo' Creatures. Change the numbers IDconflicts.txt told you were wrong to some that are free. If I'm right, the .txt even gives you a suggestion of ranges of free IDs to choose from.


There is a chance you may need to do this several times if it keeps finding conflicts.

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It should be enough to just change the server config and add that to your single-player config folder.


Make sure everybody else on your server gets that same config file for Mo' Creatures, or they won't be able to join you online.

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