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I didn't make any of this, so don't credit me. I just figured out how to actutally get these things to work...correctly.


The Faithful texture pack looks like vanilla, only a higher resolution. If you hate how resource packs change things too much then this is for you! Trust me it looks great! I like it much better than Sphax!


Get it here!


Current mods that are left out: Galactic Craft, Big reactors.


This texture pack will work with a lot of other mods so try it out!


If you want screenies of the texture pack, click here!

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Works alright. Together with Optifine, a nice option to make things look less bland even on slow machines.


But one thing. If you don't want to take credit, then why are you crediting yourself in the resource pack description?



Is it Vattic's pack or Ninja's pack? Or were you contributing?

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I'm not claiming any of the art work, I'm just saying I put part of it togeather. As for the name, that was just for a friend who had a lot of resource packs, I wanted this one to be easily identified.


Vattic had a lot of parts missing. I added and tweaked things to get it to work.

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