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Having Problems with Minions mod in AOTBT 1.012a


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Hello everyone. I've been browsing the forums a bit, finally getting around to making my first post here!


I was having some trouble getting this mod to function after starting a server with Attack of the B Team v1.0.12a. When in game I can commit an evil act, have the screen go black, and the sound effect plays but I don't loose any xp (from level 8) and nothing essentially happens. Looking at the staff with NEI it is red and shows an item ID of 10457 in game, but the config file says staff's ID is 10201.

Has anyone run into this and/or know of a solution? (I've tried changing the item ID for the staff but I still get the same result).


Glancing through the other config files 10457 is the ID for the Diagram inThermal Expansion


Thank you!

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You need to commit 3 acts of evil (minimum) in order to get a staff. The ID in the config will not dictate the one in-game since it has to offset it for vanilla items as well as other things it does, id rather not get into the technical bit, just know that the config id does not 100% dictate in-game id.

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That is good to know about the IDs. Thank you! :) 


There is no action however when I commit any number acts of evil. I can do it 10 times in a row but nothing happen other than the screen going dark and the sound playing for the respective evil act.

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