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Texture Pack For Tekkit


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So I REALLY dont like vanilla textures, and I like to use Faithful on multiplayer but I cant seem to find out how to ge Faithful for Tekkit, I mean ik where the resourpacks folder is and everything but I just cant find a patch, so if you know of one please tell me, becasue I cant stand vanilla textures.... Thanks!

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And if Sphax Faithful isn't the right thing for you, then try Soartex.


They don't have a pack specifically for the current Tekkit, but you can just download the "Modded Universal" pack (under Downloads -> Modpacks) and it's also mostly complete from what I've seen. You can edit the zip file and remove all the textures for mods that aren't in Tekkit, or just leave them in, doesn't matter.



EDIT: uh, sorry, confused Sphax with Faithful. You can try Soartex nevertheless, though :)

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