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12a| ~ Haven ~ | Smallish whitelist, no grief. Mature hangout founded by likeminded people sick of failing servers and the usual drama.

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IGN: davie23

First Name: My actual first name is davis, but i am usually called davie in game.

Skype: I Haz

Age: 20

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT


I have not played much aotbt, but from watching some serieses it looks like it balances the building / visually appealing side with the technical / automation side very well. I have played other modpacks, and watched aotbt serieses, and it seems like a pretty awesome modpack. my building style tends to be building a modestly sized house or structure, then creating hidden automation to make the place awesome. I love playing around with the technical aspect of the minecraft modpacks, not with large unwieldy machines and factories, but coming up with new and clever ways to do things. I also love to help with community projects too. 


I looked around at a few different servers and i chose this one because, as it says in the description, you guys seem really cool. I consider myself a very chill and relaxed guy, and it would be awesome to play with other people like that. I think if you are playing on a server the people you are playing with make all the difference to the quality of the experience


thanks for reading and considering my application,

          -Cheese... err no uhhhm... Davie

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IGN: Rayman220

First Name: well, if you dont want to call me Rayman, you can always call me by my code name ZachAttackinator3000. Or just Zach, that works too

Skype: I haz it, just pm me

Age: 17

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Well, i would probably walk around for a bit, go to the middle of the ocean and build a huge underwater toilet filled with blocks the color of cheese, for all to see. Just kidding, but I might do that too now that i think of it. But really, i would probably build a huge tree, and then build a village inside and around it. I did that on the previous server I played on but after i finally finished the tree that server went down and hasnt been up for months. Then I might do something medieval, who knows. Im a fun person to talk to, too. Im kinda cheesy sometimes though....my bad. Well, thanks for looking at my app!

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