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[1.1.1] LathanaCraft [PvE][50 slots][No Grief, Grief Prevention, Economy, and more]

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Welcome to LathanaCraft!
Open 24/7 - Est. 2012


"Since it isn't as big as other servers, you form good relationships with the other players."  - Shamrak3
"The players are friendly and the server is lag free"  - Sam_1337_


Summer is back, and so is LathanaCraft

Welcome to LathanaCraft, a chill, laid back Tekkit Legends server for you to join and play with your friends. We are a PvE community  that focuses on player interaction over wars. On LathanaCraft you will find many features to ensure that your time here will be pleasant. From our high end server box ensuring zero lag, to our players and staff that are always willing to help. We are constently adding new features to our server to make your time here as enjoyable as it can be! So please check us out today at lathanacraft.enjin.com


Server Rules:

No Griefing
No Stealing
No Cheating
No Killing
Use Common Sense

Banned Items:

Nova Cacalyst
Nova Cataclysm
Industrial TNT
IC2 Dynamite


Grief Prevention
Tree Chop 2
Core Inspect
Time Is Money
Clear Lag
Keep Death Drops


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