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I'm making this thread so people can discuss and post links to server mods that support tekkit.

I would post some, but i don't have any :(

So post your mods name and thread link and maybe a short description

I read the rules before submitting this, i don't know if this falls under the "Not adding anything group"

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Yeah. Mods are modifying Minecraft and require it to be on client side. Plugins are for Bukkit and are server side only. Also, I am pretty sure Spout still doesn't work with Tekkit.

If we were doing mods, I would say Smart Moving.

If we were doing plugins, I would say Dynmap.

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Actually, plugin and mod mean the same thing. Its just how the community split the two meanings to fit the needs of the situation.

Mod is short for modification, which refers to changes in the original code of the game.

Plugin means exactly that. Plug in. You are adding additional code to the original code of the game, rather than changing it.

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