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And even if the Technic team could ban servers, you've hardly given a great argument for doing so.


My bet, you've been banned from the server for going against the rules and are now trying to get back to the server owners for enforcing their rules.

How close am I?

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Hi sorry about this. The server he is referring to is my server. It is a private server for me and my friends and we let him on as he is a friend. What basically happened was we were trying to build and he was trying to get in. He broke blocks in our base so we killed him or more my friend did. He kept coming in, breaking blocks and my friend ridiculed him for being a "noob". He eventually sent us a message over Skype saying that the person who annoyed him (ultracubee) has to leave or he wouldn't come on. He threatened getting Tekkit to ban us. Great Modpacks BTW. Couldn't get TC without. .He left and rejoined once Phoenix was on. He demanded for Ultra to be kicked. I said we couldn't as none of us were op. He left because we told him to and kept coming back. He then demanded for us to ban him which was way too dramatic for the situation. He left and created this thread. He said he hated all of us (except me to which I say thank thee very much sir). Sorry for any inconvenience.  :guitar: 

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