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Any way to update extra utilities to 1.0.3+ on server?


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My friends and I are playing on a server that I am running from my PC through hamachi. We have added a few mods (mekanism, railcraft, and openblocks) and they have all been doing fine. However, after attempting to replace the extrautilities 1.0.2 zip file with 1.0.3 (including the a, b, and c versions, I tried them all) the server said that it had crashed and a crash report has been saved. First of all, is there any way to update extrautilities to the most recent 1.6.X version (or at least get the ender quarry in the current version, thats all I really want from it)? and second of all, where would this crash report be stored so I can show it to people?

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You maybe want to look into that crash log and see what caused the crash. I guess it's either ID conflict or a configuration thing that you neglected. Not that I have any useful knowledge on modpack configuration. I just know it's tricky and needs to be done right.

Basically, you should be able to upgrade (or downgrade) to any mod version that meets requirements. Which is 1.6.4 base game version and maybe additional dependencies. And you always need to sort the block IDs out.


As for the location of the log, it should be saved under crash-reports in your modpack directory if it's a client crash. When the server crashes, look in its directory structure for crash-reports. I made a >short guide how to locate client-side crash logs.


P.S.: Strictly speaking, what you are running there is a custom modpack, so you should ask in the "Platform Pagoda" forum section for help.

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