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Fixing Computercraft redstone outputs in Ultra Modded Survival [Solved Solution]

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I just spend an amazing amount of time getting this to work, and I have seen no known solution for it so far. So, here's mine. It may be outdated now, and may not work for you. I haven't tested it well, but my server booted, and I could log in.

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Poor SW9876 of Github, I can't message you directly. -.-


Anyways, this is upgrading Ultra Modded Survival Server v1.4.6




So, enough linking is enough. How do I get computercraft to properly update redstone outputs with UMSP? Update from MCPC+ to Cauldron. It's harder than it sounds to figure out, but pretty easy to do.

First things first, you need -
1. Your server file for Ultra modded survival.

2. cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.197-installer.jar from: http://files.minecraftforge.net/Cauldron/

3. forge-1.6.4- from: http://files.minecraftforge.net/

4. run.bat from your server file.
5. minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar (I got this from https://mcversions.net/ and it seemed to work)


So, create a new folder with 4 things - cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.197-installer.jar, forge-1.6.4-, run.bat, minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar

Follow step 5 from here - http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/wiki/primer-for-cauldron-and-forge/

Or, follow my quick instructions below.

Navigate to your new folder in command prompt. Enter in the command below.

java -jar cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.197-installer.jar --installServer


('--installServer' does require the S to be a capital.)

Let it run.


Then, run forge-1.6.4- in java (not in a command prompt).

Select "Install server" and navigate to your server base folder (where run.bat resides). Hit OK.


It will install forge, but no more dependencies.


Now, run your run.bat file, after changing it to reference the new server file.

Your run.bat file should contain something like:

java -Xmx4G -Xms1G -XX:MaxPermSize=256M -jar cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21.197-server.jar nogui
Let it just run, make sure it works.
Now, last things last. Lets move over your server files. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP AND ONLY DO COPIES!
1. assets
2. config
3. Flan
4. hats
5. TCPlayerData
6. Your world file data. (For me it's 'world')


Run your server, ensure it works. No further modifications were needed for it to work for me.


A thanks to the whole Forge team, the technic launcher team, dan200, lyqyd, blood, and everyone else who contributes to the modding community!


Sorry for the lack of organization and proper grammar, and clearness of instructions. I sacrificed sleep to get it working, I thought i'd sacrifice a bit more to get you guys a working fix. Also, sorry if this isn't in the right place.


Happy Minecrafting!

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