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When I play Attack of the B Team, NEI doesn't show up. I just have the "Options" button. I've pressed O, that's not the problem. NEI is definitely enabled. I've checked and double-checked and even triple-checked. I'm playing Linux, so maybe that's where the bug's occurring. Suggestions?

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"Definitely enabled" doesnt describe everything youve done. I can only go off of the information provided. I would rather have you said "I went to options and verified it was enabled there" than assume "definitely enabled" covers it - because if it covered it, itd cover everything else, and if that was the case, it wouldnt be an issue for ya.


Go to the modpack folders config folder. Open NEI.cfg,


make sure thats set to false. If it is, post the NEI config contents here.


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I have the same problem. I only have Options button and I also set NEI enabled(both World and Global).

And my OS is WIN7, My JAVA's version is 1.8.0_25
I try to press O but it just hide/show the Options button.
This is my config http://pastebin.com/EfTfjAPw

There is a way to fix it.
Game menu→Options→Video Settings→GUI scale: Large(DO NOT use AUTO!!)

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I'm utterly surprised you're able to run the modpack with that version of JAVA, to be honest.


Anyway, have you tried giving it a minute? Sometimes it doesn't immediately load for me either.

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