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Technic Wars - The Machinima to End All Machinimas

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I can build awesome buildings, so I would like to be a builder, however I'm not so good with any of the mods that aren't EE(I can do pipes, basic machine setups, but nothing overly fancy)

Necroposting of this magnitude has not been seen for a while. I hope you are happy.

Did you seriously not see the 'GETTING SIDELINED' deal?

Anywho, whyfor this project got cancelled is still ongoing, but I have plans to resurrect this when the time is right.

But that would certainly need a new thread. And less of my head crammed up my arse.

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Take all the time you need Moogle, we understand. But know that there are still some of us who would love to participate and see this happen. Although I am not gonna lie, the vids will probably get flames since we are using tekkit.

Meh, dealing with the flames is added fun if you ask me.

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