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Technic Wars - The Machinima to End All Machinimas

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Right. I really have nothing more productive to do writh my life.

So, an idea befell me after seeing an epic image by Valkon (link)

This is a suitable ground for the creation of a machinima series depicting an epic war between the Technicians and the Alchemists.

The story will follow much like this.

A certain protagonist living in a oil drilling outpost is swept up in an attack by an army in red armour. He runs into a misfit squad of Technician soldiers trapsing towards the frontline ready for the final attack. When they get there, the protagonist is recruited into the squad, much to the resentment of everyone except the sergeant. They are then sent on a series of special missions against the 'evil' and mysterious Alchemists, in preperation for the epic finale.

The special missions each will have their own episode, and will allow for a long and good sightseeing tour of everything Tekkit has to offer.

So, there are some things that need to be recruited.

A server. If anyone knows anyone running a large-ish tekkit server we can hijack a portion of, then that would be epic.

The cameraman. This will be from the protagonist's view, but doesn't necessarily have to be voice acted by the cameraman. Anyone capable of recording on full graphics, perhaps even with GLSL (A bit fiddly to install, I know) would be awesome.

The actors. If you wanna be a star, go for it! The squad shall consist of six personnel including the protagonist. There will also be inevitable supporting characters, such as the squad's CO, plus some appearing for only one episode, such as mcguffin characters, and plot givers.

The builders. This needs to look spectacular, and some awesome machines need to be built. Also, the builders can play the part of running around fighting each other, and wondering around as extras.

The extras. We may well still need more stuff in the background. Heck, you may even get some lines in :D

The script and music. Music shall be done by myself, plus the script for the first few episodes at least, plus the finale. If you are interested in taking up the baton for writing episodes in between, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Recording shall be done through skype, I have an epic sound card and recording system that'll make things sound the business.

All right! Shoot your ideas, pm me or whatever, but the sooner you jump aboard and get some hype going, the more likely this thing will be a reality.

Thank you!

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I may be able to build/extra as a technician if you need it. I could do with a decent bit of PvP. When would you be building? I'm usually okay, though with semi-frequent breaks for RL stuff, from about 6pm BST (I live in the UK) weekdays and a fair bit of the weekend, but I'll possibly be rather pushed for time over the next few weeks with final A2 exams and whatnot. I can't really do any voice work though. I'm fairly proficient with Lua, so if you need some coding done, give's a shout.

Some thoughts:

Will this use RP frames? They could make for some pretty awesomesauce rigs.

I've been playing with the idea of making a Minecraft 3D animation (I'm not that great. I've never even released anything yet, so if you don't want it I will not take offence at all) and if you wanted me to, I could do a last-episode recap or something. I'd need to get the textures first though, obviously.

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Hmm, I'm on my A2's as well :D

Reason I wanted to get this out now is to start some spitballing, as writing is going to take some time. I can put you down for building and extra-ing, but as for animation, I could do with a funky intro. But I'll get back to you as we near a finialised brief. Thank you anyway :D

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I can help out with Construction/Body Acting. Ironically I can pretty much fill out any role you throw at me, although my voice acting is a little rusty. I could convince a friend to host it up for this purpose possibly, depending on what he thinks of it.

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Holy Shit!

Thank you very much. That's epic of you! I've started making a tecture pack which will revamp balkon's weapons to look like the mining lazors. (Simply becuase they do more damage)

I'm also fiddling with the lighting and suchlike to make it much grimier and darker.

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I would be any except the cameraman and the server host.

my specialist subject is IC2 Tools and EE Armor.

I would also not mind being a builder, although I lose peseverance VERY quickly.

An actor I would not at all mind.

I would only be available between the hours of 4:00-9:00 on a weekday

on a weekend 7:00-9:30.

But, I have a VERY squeaky voice and my MSN name is [email protected].

Builder would be best.

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I can't be a Cameraman, my laptop is too crap, i don't mind being a actor/builder.

I'm good at the IC2 but useless at EE

my IGN: xWoody25

skype: ryanwoodward95

and i live in the UK (GMT)

:) just send me a msg on skype, i'll reply soon :)

BTW im 17 and im unemplyoyed, so i have alot of spare time :)

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My artwork inspired something? Interesting. On a side note, after noticing this thread I made you this.

that image

Feel free to use either it or the original image from my other thread.

This image is really awesome Valkon. I fucking love it.

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We appear to have a server, and I am going to begin writing the pilot episode shortly. However, if you're interested in writing future episodes speak now or forever hold your peace. The actors are beginning to be assembled, and those who have messaged me for that and for builders should receive messages before the weekend is out. However, it would be awesome for more people to jump on board, so if you can spread the word on any servers you play on that this is going down, please do!

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As a I realize this, if you do get a general idea of the plot figured out, I can start working on future episodes, maybe bouncing a few ideas back just for shits and giggles, depending on how you want it to go overall, but if you do have a plot outline, a PM to me would probably be the best idea. I'm still open for body acting and building as well.

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I'd love to help in something like this!

IGN: cybermanme

Skype: michael.tronnolone

Age: 13

Country: England (GMT+0)

Accent: Queen's English with a slight hint of Slang

Tekkit Experience: I love to be a magician with EE and Computer Craft but am quite good with machines

(also, LOVE the picture Valkon!)

Edit: 2 or more seasons! Just had the thought when going over the posts again. BUT, end of season 1 needs an EPIC battle sequence to make everyone root for a team. (Like Duncan Vs. Sips and Sjin from the Yogscast (I'm rooting for Duncan!))


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Thanks for the support so far, guys!

Gonna begin writing the first episode tomorrow!

However, although there's plenty of body actors around, I'm not entirely sure who amongst you will be voice acting. Could you please PM me if you want to do that. (You don't have to be a body actor to do voice acting, but it's slightly easier if you are both).

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All right, I have begun writing the script and screenplay for the pilot, but here is a plan of what is to come:

Permanent Roles

Protagonist : Josh (Baker) - dragged into the conflict when his oil drilling outpost is ruthlessly attacked during a community meeting, meaning he is the sole survivor.

Lead : Sergeant Matvey (Matt) Harper - In charge of a seemingly hopeless band of Technician army misfits. However, the inclusion of the tag along Baker has perhaps changed things for the better.

Support : Andrei Bertolic - Second in command, and takes super good care of his blunderbuss. Is not a fan of Baker in the slightest.

: Kevin Beaulieu - Medic/Engineer, the nerd to end all nerds, but a good people person nonetheless.

: Neil (Joker) Pilgrim - Sniper, the funny guy and misogynistic arsehole, quick to remind everyone how screwed they all are.

: Commander Sparks - the boss dude. Spent a bit too long in the field, and is always the first to dismiss Matt's crazy plans.

: Lieutenant Boone - the comms guy, heavily sarcastic and unsupportive of those in the field.

Plot Summaries

Episode 1 - Pilot

Josh Baker is caught up in an age old war between the Technicians and the mysterious Alchemists. The sole survivor from an attack on his hometown, he follows a misfit squad of Technician troops towards the frontline, where he can catch a train to safety. But the roads are by no means safe, and the war is everywhere.

Episode 2 - Hitting Bedrock

Much to the resentment of his new squadmates, Baker must follow Matt on a mission to protect a team of engineers building a secret railroad underground. Upon hitting a series of abandoned mines, the dark soon becomes the bottom of the list of things to worry about...

Episode 3 - Eugenius, Eugenics

Sent to support the team protecting a general's visit to a bio-tech lab close to the front line, Matt and Baker soon discover that the seeds of destruction are amongst many other things being planted at this surreal facility.

Episode 4 - The Hunt

While on patrol, Matt's team discover a community swimming in diamonds. Although they are sitting on a rich deposit of the shining minerals, a faction within the community is beginning to ask questions as to where the clan leaders new wealth is coming from...

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Idea for a future episode

Episode 5 - The Aplonians

As the band of misfits continues, they encounter a band of alchemists called the Aplonians. The Aplonians are similar to the scientists in how far they have come in their side of the war, but still need to be defeated in order to continue. Or Imminent death awaits them!

Tell me what you think? there could be quite a few different bands of people for the scientists to fight along the way. Just an idea! Thanks!

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