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Technic Wars - The Machinima to End All Machinimas

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I can probably do anything you need. I can voice act (though whether I'm good or not is still up for debate) I can body act, and I can record decent quality with Fraps. Hell, I'm even pretty decent with editing if you need that.

Feel free to PM me if you need me. I'd rather not give out my information to the public.

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Interstingly enough, I have a server based on magic versus technology...Waiting for tekkit to update, sooooo, if your still in need of a server, i could talk with the owner.

Granted, once Tekkit DOES update, the server may be used traditionally, but we could schedule down times for recording.

Current max size is 20, and hosted by beastnode.

Oh, just saw you have a server. Well, nvm on that then..

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This idea of yours is amazing! I really think this might take off with a bit of skill put into it.

I think I'd be good as an extra, but primarily as a builder. Structurally, I'm not the best, but if you put me in a team, and tell me what you want and where, I'd sure be able to deliver. What I'm really good with is redstone, and I'm sure RedPower's additions will enable me further. I can put up pics of my past creations.

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THis looks interesting. I would've liked to be an actor or a builder, but i guess i'l let others do it, especially because i wont be there a lot and cant use skype. But, i'l be interested in what comes out of this.

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Also, I MAY be able to do some voice acting, as I can do quite a few 'voices' other than my natural one. I'm not sure about how the quality of my mic, which is a headset, would be. I can probably e-Mail you an mp3 of me saying a sample sentence.

Awesome to be on the team!

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I thought I was doing this. Or are you talking about recording voices and stuff, because I can do that too.

Forgive me, you're correct on that.

I need more lists to remind me I'm a forgetful bastard that needs to make more lists to remind myself of the things I'll inevitably forget because I didn't write it down on any lists.

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I can record and host a server if needed, i can also build and render the videos.

I can also be an actor, I currently maintain a lets play.

Consider yourself part of the acting team.


First draught (lol, beer) of the script going up on Sunday.

This is the chance for all you actor types to squeal at me for parts. (I shall also list them here.)

No auditions. It's first come, first served, so take the time to give me a list of preferences.

However, I shall play the role of Sgt. Matvey Harper. 'Cause he's basically me anyway >.<

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actor or extra, reasons:1. Im fast with learning scripts

2. It will be good for me to try a show with someone (i dont care if im an extra)

and finally 3.i think that it would be a good experiance with the viewers (even though i have lisp meaning i dont sound as correct as i could doe to me having an overbite)

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