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Finite Liquids Mod Support For 7.0.1 SSP Dev Build


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Eh, I might be bothered to do another class merging when Technic actually releases, but I haven't bothered with Minecraft in quite a while now. I've been enjoying other moddable games like Oblivion where the modding community isn't a toxic self-consuming shitsoup with a few good chunks bobbing around in it trying to stay afloat.


The TES Modding Communities are like Minecraft's communities, but everyone is in High School instead of Grade School/Elementary. I'd say its exactly as worse, but with a very, very thick weirdly-sexual soak in absolutely everything they touch.

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We have different standards, I think. I am more cognizant of the multitude of mods that are just rewritten other mids, with little wasted time, space, or energy on discussioms of permission. I also see major mod repositories valuing diversity over perceived value, letting the user have true unlimited choice.The maturity of the modders is much less relevant to me.

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