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Tekkit 1.2.9e server, very laggy, but not using much resources?


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I have been playing minecraft for a while, since the old betas. And I have had many servers in that amount of time. I used to run a tekkit server just fine on my gaming rig, and recently I just upgraded said gaming rig, and made the old hardware into a server. I installed Server 2012 on it, then installed my tekkit server, I started a fresh world and everything. I had me and my friend join, and he was complaining about lag, but I brushed it off because the server didn't show many resources being used. But even locally playing, I have noticed that things are so slow. I break a few blocks and it takes a while for them to disappear, or they just pop back up. Then if I open a chest or the crafting table, it takes a few seconds for the contents to display. It's driving me nuts because I'm on a local network with this server. Anyways.



Amd Phenom x4 965 3.4ghz

4gb DDR3  (have the server running 3gb, even made a 500mb ramdisk to counter the lag issue, didn't help)

30/5 internet connection. 

Windows Server 2012 (it ran find on Windows 7)


Anyways, I have searched and tried lots of things. The draw distance, the ramdisk thing. I am using the same version I was using on my Windows 7 box and it ran fine, So I have no idea why it would lag on here. I have updated and used Java 64bit. I redownloaded everything and copied my world back to it. I have tried most of the things I have found, apart from reformatting and reinstalling windows.


If anyone has any insight on this, please let me know, please help me out. I'm okay with having others join my server if you want to check it out, just won't post my details on here publicly. Thanks in advance.

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What version of java are you running? I've heard the latest has issues.

Also, what else is running on your server? Perhaps other software (antivirus? Windows updates?) is competing for resources.

Enable the console window while you play. It will give you a direction to troubleshoot in.

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Java version is 7u67 64bit. I haven't heard any latest issues with it Then again, I don't frequently check for Java issues with Minecraft. I just browse these forums for help. And There is really nothing else running besides the essential windows services. I closed everything out. I disabled firewalls and Server 2012 doesn't have any anti-virus built in I believe. I disabled updates as well. I enabled the console and I just get a bunch of "Warning Minecraft-server can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded". I watch the minecraft server console screen and I can't really make sense of the tick stuff. 


I lied, I have plex server running in the background. Either way, i'm getting only about 20% useage out of my CPU. It's clock rate stays well below its max frequency. Usually hangs out around 1.2ghz. I wonder if there is a way to always force it to stay at 3.4ghz?

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I feel like a moron. I was going through the advanced settings. All I had to do was change that lol. Making things more complicated than they are.... Anyways... Well that works, now the processor is running at its maximum and now the CPU useage is up to 40% oddly enough. I will play with this for a little while and see if this makes any bit of difference. Thanks for that by the way. 

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One other thing you can check: Anti-virus software constantly checking Tekkit files. This sometimes leads to crashes, and more rarely to lags. For some reason, Tekkit seems to incur false positives much more often than other modpacks do. Maybe create an exception.


Java 7 u64 in 64-bit flavour is the recommended environment. The known issues are with Java 8 u20, which Tekkit cannot run at all on right now due to a Forge bug.

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