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Assuming that the fall was at a terminal velocity of 54 m/s (rough estimate based on a person belly-down skydiving):

The force from a fart required to produce enough acceleration in a short enough amount of time to negate this speed will be derived through Newton's second law, Force = mass * acceleration. The average duration of a fart is 1.2 seconds (http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-length-of-a-fart-in-seconds I always name my sources, thanks Sexual Orientation!).

Acceleration times time gives us velocity: a * t = v, thus solving for a:

a * 1.2 s = 54 m/s

a = 45 m/(s^2)

Assuming creepers are heavy 100kg beasts, Newton's second law is used:

F = m * a

F = 100kg * 45 m/(s^2)

F = 4500 N

This is the equivalent force of setting yourself on a bed of nails with a 1012 lb weight on your stomach. This force is so extreme, I must exclaim it is a miracle at all we can cause enough internal damage to kill them with meager blunt objects when they cannot be crushed by 1012 lbs of force.

Thank you for letting me tribute this post to Mr. Newton, who proved that mathematicians were heretics in 1492.

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It could be less, don't forget that it only says that it is a SAFE landing, not a dead stop landing.

Anyway, there is an easier way of doing it, though not to belittle the efforts of the previous poster.

Again assuming that it is falling at 54 m/s, it weighs 100kg, and it farts for 1.2 seconds...

Its downward momentum is 54 *100 = 5400 Ns (Newton-seconds)

The force required to stop in 1.2 seconds is 5400/1.2 = 4500 N

This is the same value as SimpleGuy arrived at, but done in less steps. However, if we assume that it can land at a speed above 0m/s (say 5m/s) and that it has a mass of 86kg (Wikipedia, average US body mass of an adult male - Creepers are about the size of a large human), then it becomes less violent, though still quite nasty.

Momentum1 = 86*54 = 4644Ns

Momentum2 = 430Ns

Impulse required = 4644-430 = 4214Ns

Force = 4214/1.2 = 3511.6rec Newtons

Does anyone feel like setting up a test map for this? Have some sort of creeper-dropper and see how far they can fall without getting hurt or dying.

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So a creeper (say he has the same amount of hearts as Steve aka you), goes to half a heart after a 26m fall... Player has 20 half hearts (just checked the wiki and Creeper does have 10 full hearts). Thats one half heart the velocity after falling 26m... the creeper would NOT be at terminal velocity.

Here is the info we have

Mass = 86kg (speculation)

Distance = 26m

Acceleration due to gravity = 9.81m/s^2

Amount of time Creeper would be in air without fart = 2.65 seconds

Velocity Max

2.65-1.2 = 1.45

1.45*9.81= 14.2 m/s

Force required to stop in 1.2 seconds...




a = 11.8333m/s^2


86x11.83= 1017N

However if we note that the creeper is still being affected by gravity while farting...

86x9.81= 843.66N

1017+844 (Rounded)

= 1861 N

Half of what was suggested.

but thats not the end.

The minecraft wiki says that a creeper explosion is 25% of TNT

TNT on average is 4.2e3 Joules per gram detonated

1 gram of "creeper TNT" per fart seems pretty valid

4.2e3x.75 = approx. 3.15e3 joules



3150/1.2 = 2625N


1861 N is what is required to stop the creeper

and the force can easily exceed 2625N

It is actually viable for the creeper to survive that fall. Using my theory though NOTCH IS WRONG!!!!!

Creepers would actually be able to survive more than that height without dying.

Excuse my miscalculation and the innacurracy of this.

By the way... MY BRAIN NOW HURTS!!!

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Lets start with the statements same as above, a creeper is a huge 100kg beast and is falling at 54m/s, and farted for 1.2 seconds. Nobody has bothered estimating the velocity, density, volume, speed or mass of the actual fart itself, as it theoretically would've made the difference. First of all, the density, if it was too dense, it would've stopped him short and he would have landed on a solid fart, frankly. Another possibility of this being it slows him down, and saves the creeper. We dont quite know that. The mass. It is mainly irrelevant, however, it is highly unlikely that a fart of the mass 0.0001g would produce the given amount of force. We have to take that into consideration to figure out whether this amount of force is valid. The volume. Again, density. If it was too large, it would've made no difference, but if it was too small then you got the two given theories above. The velocity. If the fart came out over a period of say 1.2 seconds and its mass was relatively low, say 45g, 45/1.2 =37.5, that being its velocity. 37.5 grams of methane (fart)/second. We cant figure out the speed, as we do not know the distance the fart traveled. Thus, we cannot figure this out thoroughly.


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I think we're all forgetting the smell. It's the hydrogen sulfide in farts create the odor. creepers drop gunpowder when you kill them so they must be chock full of sulfur. 4200N for 1.2 seconds? Unless creepers have severely reduced oxygenation through the intestinal walls, I don't think there'd be breathable air for a little while around ground zero.

I also like how a silly comic turned into science.

You people are fun.

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Accoriding to this diagram of the creeper's organs:


It appears creepers are incapable of farting, at most they may be able to direct a burst of tnt downwards to propel them in the opposite direction , but no farting let alone digestive system exists.

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