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[3.1.2]Mew Endgame[PvE][4 slots]


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Some information

I'm starting a private server to just mess around on and have fun + single player is boring.

There will be no banned or restricted items because it is just 4 people in a pure survival server.



I would like people 14+ to join.

Don't be rude to people if I accept you.



To get on the whitelist just send me a pm with your minecraft username and something about you as well as your age and I will send you the IP.



The community should be open. People who can constructive insight on peoples builds or machine systems. Ex: more efficient design, a way to hide this particular pipe, mass gathering of resources, computercraft, etc.


Server information

The server should be up most of the time and if it's off it's probably for something important.

There will be 100% uptime on most weekends.




Current Applicants:

1. xxninjakiller96 - removed (suspected troll)

2. Summersquad


I would still like to have at least 1 or 2 more people! :D

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