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How to apply bukkit plugins to Hexxit server?


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Hi guys.


I've searched many websites but I couldn't find satsifying answer.

So, how can I apply bukkit plugins like WorldEdit on to my Hexxit server?

I tried putting java file into coremods and mods but it didn't work.

I have no idea how to use Forge aswell and MCPC got deleted or something.

I'm total newb in hosting own server so explain it as simply as possible.

PS I'm hosting server on mine PC.


Kind regards.


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That's the problem, I can't find it on any entrusted website, and my anti malware is just free version of avast so I wont take the risk just to modify my server.

It would be cool if someone from this forum could upload it on something like speedyshare so I can download it.

That's why I made this topic :(

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