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FEZ by Edgepixel [16x] Conversion to tekkit

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More work done over the last few days:

I've been piecing everything back together after the update.

Most forestry blocks:


Redpower logic:


To do:

Almost all blocks are done: finishing forestry, redpower wiring and control, ee and misc ic2 is left.

Items: practically untouched.

GUI: unlikely ever to be touched.

I've been going through and replacing as much of the Isabella base I used with default textures in order to be able to distribute a sort of half-playable version. Maybe over the weekend if I get time. Or don't kill myself.

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Alright, since I've been super busy and people have been asking, here is a link to the pack as it stands.

This is not going on the main post as it's not a real release and still has plenty of bullshit going on. Ill work on getting a real release going when I can.

Feedback/help is very appreciated always.

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I'll try it out, one thing I already know is the grass is just a bit bright ;D

D: One of the things I LOVE about this pack is the grass, its brightness in particular :/

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