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Tekkit 3 Red Power Volcanoes and Rubber Trees don't generate?

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Hello everybody.

So I recently updated to Tekkit 3 and decided to create a new world to see what has changed and what cool new things there are the mess with. Well after awhile I decided to see if I could find any volcanoes for basalt but it appears that they are either stupidly rare or don't exist anymore. The same goes for the big rubber trees, went through numerous forest biomes where they would spawn and to no avail.

Do the volcanoes and big rubber trees no longer spawn in world anymore, or is this a bug? I miss making my basalt brick towers of doom.

Also, how the crap do you grow those firggen big rubber trees from the saplings?

Tekkit Version: 3.0.3


I have located two volcanoes next to each other around X +1000 Z +1000 on the world seed 1.

They are more rare and I like that. Also someone posted that rubber trees only spawn in jungles now. I am still trying to figure out how you grow the big rubber trees.

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They still spawn just fine but are a bit more rare. As for the rubber trees they only spawn in jungles now instead forests like in the past.

As for growing them, their is no way to speed it up and they take a long time to grow.

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I love the new, rarer, spawning pattern. I've always hated how many rubbertrees spawned, and how much basalt you could get without effort. Basalt is now a much rarer and more valuable substance. Also, no more triplecanoes.

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How many saplings do I need to grow a big rubber tree? 1 sapling with the remaining 8 blocks around it level or 9 saplings? Also, I just came across two volcanoes right next to each other. Thanks for answering my question guys.

Guess that means that this topic is dead now.

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