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Is it possible?

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Yeah, pretty easily if you have enough time during the day. Remember, each collector you get increases the speed at which you can get collectors.

Even easier if you build a machine to make them for you.

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A week? Really?

If I don't have a full 17/5 flower within 4 (maybe 5) days, I'm wondering what the hell is going on.

When I'm playing with my girl we have at least 1-2 flowers done by weeks end and, if we get lucky, at least 1 full flower by day 2.

...wait...do you mean 10 17/5 flowers within a week? If so, and if you keep mining, it's possible but jeez, man, that's really stretching it.

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I guess I play this game far too much, I get a flower before the end of the day. And that is without abusing the sugar cane glitch, redmatter furnace glitch, or using any small exploits like the blaze rods or netherrack-nether brick crafting etc etc etc... An mk3 flower is not too much. If im working with friends, it speeds up the beginning of the process of smp'ing and kicks into high gear much faster. With a friend or two, i can have 3 full mk3 flowers at the end of a day, and from there it just grows.

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