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I'm getting a weird error while trying to hop on the server. It keeps telling me that the server requires I have a list of mods.

Do I need to, like, manually go and find all these mods and download them or something. 'cause this is kinda outta no where. Especially since it's saying one of the mods I need is EE. :Tc Which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be a part of Tekkit.

Anyone know what's going on with my client? 'cause I see that people are on the server so the problem is obviously on my side.

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In-Game Name: skittlegrl610

Age: 31

Experience with Tekkit: I've been playing on tekkit for about a month now so fairly new but I am enjoying it a lot

Did you read the rules?: of course I have

In-Game Name: VxBlinK

Age: 18

Experience w/ Tekkit: 4 Months. If I ever need help I ask some of my friends to help

Read the Rules?: Yep

Added! Welcome!

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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