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In-Game Name: ajax6893

Age: 14

Experience with Tekkit: a little I have been playing for a month and know ic2 Very well

Did you read the rules?: Absolutely

Also i do film from time to time for youtube but only on permission.

In-Game Name: Sporegrox12

Age: 13

Experience with Tekkit: i have been playing with tekkit for the past few years

Did you read the rules?: Yes, I have read and respect the rules

*cries a manly tear of joy* finally, a tekkit server that's civil!

In-game Name: Commanderpoptart

Age: 14

Experience with Tekkit: ive played a good way into Technic ssp, and played a couple Tekkit servers and have been very successful! (until other crazy morons Nuked me). But i know exactly how Wiring works to minimize explosions! I have also watched a full tutorial on tekkit (Tekkit with Duncan of the yogscast) (gonna refrain from what happened in the most recent episode though, i hate war)

Did you read the rules?: 4 times over! I dont want any misunderstandings happening! *salutes*

All three of you will be whitelisted once the server is back up. Welcome!

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IGN: xXProdigalXx

Age: 15

Tekkit Experience: I am very good with buildcraft and industrialcraft, and amazing with computer craft(Expect automatic everything).

Did you read the rules?: Indeed, I checked them three times to make sure I didn't have to say anything special here ^_^

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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