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Moving from Vanilla(ish) to Tekkit


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I run a community server. It's currently on 1.7.2 of minecraft. Bukkit is installed, but only to enable Essentials and Dynmap rather than anything advanced.

I want to migrate to tekkit (without losing my world) and am conscious that I need to wait for tekkit to catch up to my version (which is why I've not moved on to 1.8.x)

1 - reading around this, am I correct in understanding that tekkit is currently on minecraft 1.5.1?

2 - I know that I must not ask when the new version is released! :P

3 - can somebody confirm which version of minecraft the version of tekkit currently in development is for? I believe this is 1.7.10?

4 - Migration - changing mods via my server host is as easy as a button press. I'm thinking this would be a process that works as follows:

(i) Backup!!!

(ii) Remove all the bukkit stuff, saving off the list of warp point locations etc

(iii) Set back to vanilla and check the world loads and works

(iv) Install tekkit, change nothing, check the world loads and works

(v) Backup again

(vi) Start messing about with things, stick dynmap and essentials back on and add the warp points back in.

(vii) Check everything works and create a new backup

Missing anything?

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Tekkit is on 1.6.4 right now, and should be preparing for the 1.7.10 transition. However, no announcements have been made and we can only assume that this version is somehow in the works.


Coming from vanilla, migrating your current world should be possible. However, bear in mind that many of the mods have worldgen options like spawning additional ores. In an existing world, these would only appear in newly generated chunks after the update, unless you tinker around with retrogen (retroactive generation), which can be unstable and harmful. If Mystcraft is still included in the 1.7.10 version, you might circumvent this problem by getting your resources from additional dimensions. But you should at least consider a fresh start, because the time and work you will spend on migration will not be not trivial. It all depends on the emotional investments that you and your users have in the existing world, of course.


As for Bukkit questions, I only know that you need Cauldron for a modpack server, which includes Bukkit in some way.

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1. 1.6.4

2. No ETAs

3. 1.7.10

4. I yes.

II yes

III yes to make libraries and stuff download

IV if the world doesnt't contain any modded blocks than yes

V yes

VI Cauldron

VII yeah.


Now you have a world without any modded Ores.



Curunirs kung-fu is faster o.O

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Thanks guys, that's really helpful.

I've been careful to allow no modded blocks for exactly this reason, so that would hopefully not be a problem.

Yes, my community is very attached to their existing work, so they'll want to at least try to keep the current world

Understood that the new resources would not be on existing generated chunks - to the community, it will be a price worth paying. We'll build a nether railway to a new mining area.

Thanks for confirming it will be 1.7.10 next. I should be safe to upgrade my existing server from 1.7.2 to 1.7.10 to fix a few bugs. :-)

Not familiar with Cauldron - have just had a quick read, but unclear on why I would need it? (edit) Ah, sorry, you meant that if I want to use any bukkit mods, I would need cauldron? Thanks. :-)

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Keep in mind most mods don't support bukkit-ish functionality.


Psssst: 1.7.10 Thermal Expansions machines can be wrenched up without permissions, Autonomous Activators don't work at all with some Cauldron versions.

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