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Banning Certain Recipes

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my server has a gold standard for its economy. This means that players can sell gold to the server shop for money.

The UU recipe for gold, however, makes it very easy to mass produce gold and thus have an infinite supply of gold, therefore infinite money. For that reason, I want to disable that recipe.

I have tried the BanRecipe plugin, but that only caused the server to crash, giving me Out of Memory errors. I contacted the plugin dev, but he said that his plugin is not compatible, because Tekkit modifies the Bukkit API.

Does anyone have any alternatives to this problem? I was unable to find an alternative plugin.

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Too bad Industrial Credits are cheap with iron, I don't believe they have any use tho

we use industrial credit for the trade o mat. we have banned crafting industrial credit and have built a "bank" where they can buy "withdraw" and sell "deposit" industrial credit. and use the economy money as money in their bank accounts and the credit as actual money in their pocket. works well for us


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If anybody is interested in our server, you are more than welcome to join us. the ip is: This is a tekkit classic server (latest build - 3.1.3) have almost no banned items and have a few plugins like grief prevention cookiemonster essentials to name but a few

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