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  1. Very nice! You should upload it on Spigot as well, they have a premium resources section.
  2. Tekkify is now running a brand new, fresh server which launched yesterday. The OP has been updated to include all new information. http://tekkify.com/play http://tekkify.com/
  3. You need to remove Java 6 or set Java 7/8 as the default.
  4. ​Blightfall is having an official release next I believe.
  5. You can browse Bukkit plugins on the dev.bukkit.org website or SpigotMC resources section. To run plugins you need to run Cauldron or a variant such as KCauldron. tcpr.ca/cauldron
  6. Probably using Java 6. Pastebin the crash from the crash-reports folder.
  7. I can see the appropriate builds here http://solder.game-gumba.de/TechnicSolder/public/api/modpack/game-gumba-keinelustmehr - But I cannot see them on the launcher. Your modpack page shows version 5415 for me. I'd recommend hopping on IRC and contacting GenPage. However as a quick note - Your web root should be the public/ folder, not whatever folder TechnicSolder is in.
  8. What is your Solder URL? It might also be worth joining IRC, there are a few people available there who can help you with any Solder issues. Feel free to ping me (Nentify) if I'm on, or GenPage (current maintainer or Solder) if he's available.
  9. What are you looking for in a modpack? You could always have a crack at making your own with mods you enjoy, and perhaps take ideas from other modpacks that you enjoyed. Maybe the next Tekkit update will be a little more interesting. From what you described, B-Team seemed like a decent choice... Honestly at the moment, there aren't many packs that I would go "this has a really cool, fun and unique play style" at, even my own pack. I've been working on something on the side which has a bit more vision and direction and provides something a bit new, but haven't had a lot of time to work on it.
  10. ​What version of Solder are you using? If the builds are private or hidden, that could cause issues with them showing. If you're able to select the pack in your launcher and it crashes when you play it, you need to look at the crash reports or logs for your modpack, not Solder. If a file can't be downloaded, you need to view your Technic Launcher logs files to find out what mod is causing the issue.
  11. ​Duplicate ID of what? It looks like some sort of entity ID conflict or something, but I'm not so sure. But be worth contacting the mod developer.
  12. To expand, your build should be available in the Technic Launcher, it's likely just broken. The errors in the console or logs should tell you why. Amaxter is correct though, the platform website itself has a 1 hour cache, so updates will not be reflected on your modpack page immediately.
  13. Tekkify 1.7.10 is now live! New modpack, servers, website and more! Just update your modpacks on the Technic Launcher: www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkify.2607
  14. I'm also experiencing similar delays, although I'm pretty sure it didn't occur in previous builds. Some new features such as optionals like @disconsented mentioned too at some point would be really useful as well.
  15. Install Opis and MobiusCore on your server and client, and use those to see if there are specific tile entities causing the TPS reduction.
  16. OpenEye has a configuration to crash on start up, and isn't required on the client if you're using a modpack that is not your own.
  17. Akliz are very good for shared hosting, as well as dedicated servers. I would stay away from Intreppid for now however, they've had a lot of network issues in the past.
  18. You need to completely close the Technic Launcher and re-open it.
  19. Have you tried making a backup and removing a mod one at a time? It may be tedious, but it'd help you find the issue if the cause is infact a mod with no logs. You could also try profiling the server while it hangs, using tool such as VisualVM, WarmRoast or Opis (not sure of Opis will provide the information you need, but it may).
  20. You could try using CustomMobSpawner (download is in the MoCreatures thread). This allows you to define mob spawning amounts per-chunk for each mob from every mod in every world. It's only required on the server, and won't require any extra clientside downloads. I believe it was developed by bloodshot, the current MCPC+ developer.
  21. We've just went through with a massive 1.6.4 update. Revamped the modpack, server, website, forums and store. OP updated.
  22. Hey. ^^ http://tekkify.com/teaser ~ Just thought I'd post an update and say I'm an idiot, this thread can be locked. Edit: Oh there's a solved button too, that's cool. It feels like Stack Overflow in this section.
  23. Not sure if this is the right place or not, but I thought I'd leave a post here. I'm running a 1.6 pack on MCPC+, and when exploring a new world (flying outwards) created with Multiverse, I get the following error randomly: http://puu.sh/6UpEz/26efd0cd2a.png This error then occurs every time I reconnect. Not sure why, there are no logs in the server console, and this is the only client log with no specific reference to any mods as far as I can see. Was just wondering if anyone's experienced anything similar, or perhaps know a solution.
  24. Just a default IPB setting, probably to prevent long page load times with tons of images in a thread.
  25. The new theme's very nice. @Jasonsj10 - I like both pieces of forum software, but I'm always interested in what people prefer from one over another. Out of curiosity, what prompted you to switch over to IPB? (@Technic team, probably sct. ^^)
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