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Hey guys and girls !

Do you remember Ultra Modded Survival, that amazing modpack Amaxter made, according to CaptainSparklez's series on it? I do too, and I can tell you I miss it. But hey, in life, everything changes ! That's why UMS has to get a new start : I am proud to present Supra Modded Survival ! This new pack combines the old UMS Pack as well as 30+ more mods, and 200+ quests ! Dive into a netting of mods that range from technology, magic, exploration, rpg and much much more !

On top of that, you and your friends can play together : I made the server files available on this page, but fear not: new community servers will start to appear. Let's build new communities around what Amaxter has built !

We will soon be getting an official server, hosted by the amazing community FrozenSoul ! It is currently under development and will be ready sometime this week. Meanwhile, you could try to familiarize with our 120+ mods!




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      Promotional Trailer:
      Join us for a unique server experience that allows mature players to get the best they can out of MineCraft’s original purpose: BUILDING & Adventure! DreamCraft2.0 is a Modded Towny Survival Server run by Caveman2001 and Kalleigh6694, husband and wife Minecraft/Towny fanatics! This modpack/server is for the mature player who wants to put in the time conquering Pam's HarvestCraft, Hunger OverHaul & Spice of Life before embarking on an ever-expanding map filling up with puzzles, quests and adventure ... to start a town with the best protections available! Yes, there is tech but it has been "tweaked" to push the limit of creativity as players move through the game!
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      This is a pure survival server. Work together or kill each other, the choice is yours. Our world centers around a central hub with portals to many dimensions already there for you. Protect your base with ftbutils mod. The overworld has been pre-generated a bit to reduce lag, and there is no world border so feel free to explore. There are no teleport commands. Server is hosted on a spare computer in basement, so someone is usually around to fix any downtime.
      Server IP: 
      Server Rules: 1 Griefing and PvP are allowed just not on other players claims.  
      2 No redstone, or other devices that cause network lag and major frame rate drops.  
      3 No xraying or other cheating mods.  
      4 Claims and rftools dimensions will be removed if you're not seen in here for a while.  
      5 Don't surround other claims with your own or claim any portals around the spawn.  
      Banned Items: (Subject to change!) 
      Additional Pipes: Chunk Loader
      Advent of Ascension: All portals (We have a portal hub.), Ancient Teleporter Blueprint, Runandor Blueprint 
      DivineRPG: Arcana Portal, SnowGlobe, Twilight Clock 
      Extra Utilities: Dark Portal, Last Millennium Portal 
      JABBA: Dolly, Diamond Dolly 
      Lycanites Mobs: Demonic SoulCube 
      Minecraft: Nether Portal (We have a portal hub.) 
      MineFactoryReloaded: Chunk Loader, Plastic Bag, Sacred Rubber Sapling 
      Thaumcraft: Excavation wand, Portable Hole wand 
      Witchery: Poppet Shelf
      UpTime: As 24/7 as can be, with daily backup and restart.
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      Hello everyone I hope your day is going well. I am the owner of Hypnomagic and me and my team have been working on this server that will be going Public on the 17th of March this Friday. Everyone who joins the first week and meets an admin will receive a Week One Rank which will consist of some goodies and benefits. The server has a website and will have a donation system as well so we can fund for the server. There are custom armour sets which are cosmetics so they don't change stats just looks using the armors workshop mod. There will be  unique cosmetics for each rank and the best rank will allow you to create your own! 
      Slots: 50 for now but will extend if needed.
      Modpack: *There is no art or details on the modpack yet but they have been created but we have had troubles uploading them.*
      Website: *Still work in progress*
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      - Welcome to Panda Networks Tekkit Legends -
      Owner >> TSP_Panda
      Panda Networks Tekkit Legends server IP >>
      Panda Networks Website >>
      As Tekkit enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the necessity for the raw gameplay of the modpack with minimal impedance, and the sadness of not being able to find others to enjoy our same passion! That's why we're glad to offer an incredibly minimalistic ban list which improves the community's experience without sacrifising the integrity of the Tekkit gameplay. As a member of our network, you can expect:
      ► Lag free gameplay ◄
      ► Near-to-none list of banned items ◄
      ► Discord server equipped with a music bot ◄
      ► A staff team devoted to helping you with any issue ◄
      ► Wonderful play atmosphere and a close-knit player community ◄
      With Panda Networks as your server, the possibilities are limitless. Build to your hearts content, explore, share, trade, and build relationships with fellow players.
      We stand for a gameplay that's as enjoyable as possible, make sure to join us so we can share our passion with you, the Tekkit Community.
      As enthusiasts, we just want to play the game as we sure you do too, though we can't proceed without setting some ground rules.
      ► Use Common Sense, be mature ◄
      ► Keep chat clean, no swearing ◄
      ► Refrain from circumventing the chat filter ◄
      ► Do not disrespect or antagonise our staff members ◄
      ► Do not ask others for free items ◄
      ► No griefing or raiding even in unclaimed land ◄
      ► Don't spam chat ◄
      ► Don't ask for a staff position or OP ◄
      ► No drop parties ◄
      ► No underpricing items (hurts the economy) ◄
      ► English is necessary in main chat ◄
      ► No duping items ◄
      ► No political debates ◄
      ► Do not impersonate staff or other players with /nick ◄
      ► Your nickname must be your real name or related to your IGN ◄
      ► Your nickname must be under 16 characters and contain no special characters ◄
      ► No excessive use of caps ◄
      *Phew* Now that that's over with.. we have a bit more to get through:
      ► As per the title, we haven't removed any major mods.. or any mods for that matter
      Banned Items?
      ► Entire quiver-bow mod ◄
      ► Explosives such as: nukes/Industrial TNT/Nova Catalyst/Nova Cataclysm ◄
      ► Durability EMC Farms (Hurts Eco) ◄
      ► Mining Turtles (of all variations) ◄
      Major Plugins?
      Well of course we have the.. ESSENTIALS! (Haha it's a pun) *Slow Clap*
      ► PandaUtils ◄
      ► Essentials ◄
      ► Coreprotect ◄
      ► Worldguard ◄
      ►Worldedit ◄
      ►Questioner ◄
      ►World Edit ◄
      ► Towny ◄
      ► Multiverse ◄
      ► Griefprevention ◄
      ►PlotMe ◄
      ►Autorank ◄
      ►Groupmanager ◄
      ►Vault ◄
      ►Holographic Displays ◄
      We gladly boast a 24/7, 7 days a week up-time
      We would love to see players that love Tekkit join the server and share the same love for Tekkit that we have. We currently have great, close community that is glad to help each other out, and we're looking to expand this wonderful sense of commune.
      The server is non-whitelist (AKA Open) and greylist information needed for the staff process is located on our website
      Thank you for letting us share our passion for Tekkit Legends with you, we guarantee you'll enjoy your stay.