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Could someone tell how the seperate modpacks get the login info, when you first log inn?

i understands how the launcher is launching the modpacks, but how does it get the login info. since modpacks have seperated minecraft.jar files.


It would be awesome if somebody could tell me how, and maybe send code:D




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    • By amar97
      Hello everyone,
      I was hoping someone could help me determine the source of a crash I've been having. The report is attached (I'm still learning how to read them myself). Whenever I launch this world, the game crashes right to the launcher; other worlds load fine. No text like "loading world" or "initializing" or whatever else is usually says pops up, its an immediate crash. I'm using an unaltered tekkitmain modpack. Can anyone shine some light on this for me?
    • By challenger1_
      Hello, So a couple of days ago, I decided it was finally time to update my modpack from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2. So, having created modpacks before and having updated to newer versions several times in the past, I did the same thing that I normally did to update my modpack - deleted all the mods and forge and redownloaded the newer version of them. Unsurprisingly, things did not all work perfectly the first time. But what was surprising was that pretty much nothing worked. When I had all my mods that I wanted and then launched the pack by replacing another pack's mods (obviously mc version 1.10.2) with my own mods, the technic launcher reopened as soon as it closed. There was no crash report, but there was some info in the latest log here. So I thought that was weird, but I figured I should try adding one mod at a time and see if it was a problem with certain mods. There were a couple of mods that would work, but pretty much anytime I got more than three mods, I always got a crash report that was something like this. Also, occasionally some of the mods would say that they needed another mod for them to work, but then wouldn't list another mod like here. Considering the number of mods that seem to have this problem, it made me wonder if it was something wrong with my minecraft forge. So I redownloaded forge but nothing changed. Confused at this point, I decided to try the unupdated version of my modpack, which worked perfectly fine. I then exchanged the mods from the updated and the un-updated, neither of which worked (unsurprisingly since they are different mc versions). Desperate for something to work, I redownloaded all of my mods, restarted from scratch and used Luke's modpack making guide from the very beginning, and even downloaded another modpack of the same version and tried using their mods (which worked in their modpack), but nothing changed the ultimate failure of my updated modpack. So, I want to know what in the world happened? Did I do something wrong? Did something about making modpacks change? Why does it seem like my modpack is the only one being dumb like this? I am continuing to run tests on just trying one mod at a time, but it seems random as to whether the game will crash, need another mod, or just quit as soon as it starts. Thanks a bunch to all who respond!
    • By Nick_breda310
      its me! 
      iam building a modpack, but iam wana install the Seasons Mod.. only i dont know how i can change the modpack.jar in the file folder, everytime when technic launch the modpack, the line is getting removed... ( "javaArguments": "-javaagent:PMLCore/PMLPremain.jar=-MCSide:Client" )
      ( mod link https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/251440-the-seasons-mod )
      anyone know how to fix this? 
    • By Camer
      Actually I have two problems and couldn't find a fix anywhere.
      1. When I hit play it starts loading, but when it's finished the launcher just flashes and it doesn't open the game
      2. I can't download some Modpacks. It says it's downloading, but the loading bar stays at 0%. I tried deleting the files manually from .technic, but now it only brings up an Error message with no useful information in it when I try to redownload modpacks.
      I really tried fixing it myself a lot, which brings up another problem: My Log is around 2000 KB, making it too big for Pastebin aswell as Ubuntu. Does it help if I only upload it partially?