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HELP Setting Up A B-Team Hamachi Server

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Hi! I was wondering if someone would be able to provide me with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on setting up an Attack of The B-Team server while using program Hamachi (instead of port forwarding).


Here is what I did:

Downloaded Launcher

Downloaded B-Team Modpack

Downloaded B-Team server files (Attack of the B-Team 1.0.8 server files)

Extracted zipped server files into new folder

Edited [Added hamachi ip into the server ip line]

Started up server using launch.bat

I joined my server using my hamachi IPv4 address

Friend failed to join server using my hamachi IPv4 address


PS. The launch.bat loads a bunch of stuff and stops, then says "[sEVERE] New Galacticraft version is available!"


I don't know what I am doing wrong. I would love to set up a small private server for me and some friends. Any help would be appreciated!

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Are you able to join the server? or does the server not start up at all?

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The server starts. I am able to join it. But my friend is unable to join. Any suggestions?

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Same with me. I'm trying to set up a private server too but when I do it only lets me join and says can't reach server for my friends.

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"Edited [Added hamachi ip into the server ip line]"

Don't do that. Leave the I.P. Line blank. Your friend should now be able to connect using your hamachi IPV4.

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Still nothing. Do i give them 






Or not my Hamachi ip?

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I think the person that wants to join your hamachi server has to be connected to the hamachi server. STEPS:


1, Have them install hamachi.

2, Have them go to network and join existing network.

3, Have them type in your network name.


And that should work I will let you know when I try it myself.

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