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  1. Age:13 IGN: jdtown Time Zone:Eastern Standard time. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have been playing Minecraft for 1-2 Years. How long have you been playing Tekkit?: I have been playing Tekkit for 1 year. Do you like any video games other than Minecraft, if so name some: Call of duty, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Combat Arms, NHL 14. How much time would you dedicate to the server?:I would give my 100% effort into making my spot on this server worth it. I would play as much time as i had free and build wonderful sculptures/buildings like castles and floating fortresses (if allowed) and much more!. Tell me in no less than 25 words what you can give to our server that noone else can: I am a dedicated player that loves helping other, i would bring my ideas and buildings to shine on this server.
  2. Leap, Im going to be honest with you here. You may choose to believe me or not. That was a very long time ago, that I forgot about that ban, I was unbanned on that server too. The only reason I got banner was for griefimg wich at the time I join the server I bought minecraft 2 days earlier. I had no clue what griefing was. So I took some gold blocks thinking it was ok to take things and when I knew little about minecraft or what to do. I completely forgot about that ban wich was lifted. Sorry ~jdtown
  3. Your In-Game Name:jdtown Age (Does not affect your chances):13 In 5-7 sentences, describe yourself:I am a dedicated player, who loves to work in communities/groups.I am skilled at hexxit and love to have fun, this server looks amazing and I agree with all the rules.I would strive to become the greatest and most fair player on this server. I would love to join you in your community. What makes you a good addition to the server?:I could really change how we work together as a team. I would love to build many things such as arenas for the server were we all can PVC together for fun. I have so many great ideas to help the server grow and improve. Any ban records?(depends on the ban reason and severity):Never I respect Staff and follow there Rules. If so, why were you banned? Never been banned befor. If there's something you really wanted to do, but you are not sure if it will get you banned or not, will you choose to do it or not to do it?:Nope I play hexxit like anyone else I don't cheat I love to play legit and then enjoy my progress. Your previous experiences with Hexxit or Minecraft before?(Does not affect your chances in any way):Yes I have been playing hexxit for 2 months and minecraft for 1 and a half years. What are you good at?:I am a skilled minecraft/Hexxit player that makes wonderful builds including giant castles and fortresses in the sky. What are you bad at?:I can't say I'm bad at something but not the best.Therefore I'm not the best at parkour, but I understand all the mods in hexxit and items. Thanks for your time, ~jdtown
  4. 1. What is your minecraft name?jdtown 2. Do you agree to the rules, stated above?I agree Completely. 3. Do you have any questions, not listed in the 'Questions and Answers?' 4. If so, state them here:No i understand all. 5. Do you have any bans on record? 6. If so, why?None i play fair and have fun! 7. Why are you interested in SilliHex?It looks like an awesome server and i would like to join the community. 8. Have you played on any other Hexxit servers?Yes to try Hexxit.
  5. IGN (In Game Name): jdtown Age: 13 Why Horizon?: I love private communities and playing on a non crowded server. I enjoy having fun on Hexxit. What is your goal on the server?:To become Veteran and have an Awesome Home.
  6. I love small Communities. IGN:jdtown Reason for Interest: I love small communities that are private,i get along well in groups and love servers where it is not to crowded. This server caught my eye because it is only 40 slots and looks amazing. Please Whitelist Me.
  7. This is not my server however this is a very fun server that i would love to help expand. Join the Tekkiters community today! There is A grief protector. This server has no lag. This is a survival server and you play for fun! The only thing banned is all the stuff from MystCraft so if you see a rift portle dont go in it. Also dont build chunk loaders because they lag the server. The Owner:Will-The-Beast No duplicating or griefing or it could lead to a Ban. Ip: 66.85.178:25715 ~Hope to see you soon
  8. hey rico i think there is too many people white listed if im not correct because i am one of them and im counting these people and i dont know, i could be wrong though.
  9. IGN:jdtown TIMEZONE:EST AGE:13 Iam very Mature EXPERIENCE: 1 Year REASON TO JOIN:I played on another server and people didnt like me and were mean so this server i thought would be cool to play on!
  10. In game name:jdtown Age:13 I am very Mature Location: Canada Are you currently banned from any servers? Nope i play fair and legit. Minecraft experience to date: 1Year A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server:Well first off,I think I am very good at tekkit.I build many wounderful things including giant castles,floating towns,lots of picel art and right now on my single player world I'm working on a giant floating magic carpet. I am trying to use Red stone logic to make it move. It is very hard but it's going to look Amazing when it's finished because I'm going to put sand castles and little sand homes and when I have enough supplies a huge pvp arena/mob arena (I will make mobs spawn in the dark and make them not despawn by picking up an item). On tekkit I am very bright because I make amazing builds and machines that no one has thought of.I think I should join this server because I know everything about tekkit and i could help someone in need of help and could promote our server with videos on YouTube. ( I have a HD program 100$). I would want to join this server because I would like to share some of my ideas with this server to make it a more a decorative place.I love tekkit and I could be really useful!
  11. because when i join it says i need liek these mods like it says get mod_computercraft 1.4.1

  12. jay i have minecraft i just need the tekkit dev because this server needs that for me to join

    1. Jay?


      There's nothing outside of the launcher.

  13. jay can u help me, i need the link of the tekkit dev version

    1. Jay?


      It's all in the launcher.

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