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  1. It really sounds like you want a mod pack with similar mods, but a different config set. Which would mean you probably ought to change it yourself. Bugs happen. Many bugs just don't get noticed until large numbers of people test. It is very difficult for any testing team to think of every possible thing that could go wrong and test it. With playing almost any pack if you want to avoid the intial rush of bug fixes you should probably wait a few versions. And then there will probably still be bugs. There are bugs in vanilla. Mods just add more. The point of a third-party pack is to cater to
  2. I am slightly confused OP. Why aren't you yelling at BdoubleO and Generikb ? Attack of the B-Team mods were picked by them. Seems a bit silly to yell at the guys who compiled it for them. Its one of the trickiest parts of third party packs (not sure if Technic calls them that). When you are building a pack based on what a specific person or persons has asked for you can't just pull mods, or change configs however you want. The Technic team from what I understand had input in the pack but they did not design the pack by themselves. They gave the B-Team what they asked for. If thats not to y
  3. Um nope sorry you don't get out of modding my stream that easily. Nice try mister. Zomg, you guys found me lurking. I am sure that has nothing to do with me using my main account to fraternize. Even worse I met some of you guys and you weren't tentacled monsters with fangs. (I'm disappointed about the fangs) Slow may be a bit stubborn at times but when it comes to the forums he leaves it to us Global mods. And currently our Global Mods have more ties to Technic then FTB. So obviously we don't hold that against them. The only thing we thwap you for is breaking rules, a
  4. Am I bad following you here but not in FTB?

  5. Oh, hello there.

    1. jadedcat


      Sssh I am not really here.

  6. The comment about banning was in regards to the FTB forums. The part about neither Morv nor I ever being mods on the BTW forums adequately covers any banning that may or may not have occurred on BTW.
  7. As a slight clarification. There are 4 Global moderators or "head moderators" for FTB. I presume you are referencing Morvelaira. She was a Flying turtle as was I for a short time. The turtles were not moderators on the BTW forums. Of the 4 of us only 2 had ties however tenuous to BTW. To be banned from the FTB forums 3 Global mods must agree that the actions taken by an individual are grounds for banning. Also I at least have no grudge against Technic or Tekkit.
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