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    Help please

    MC auth servers are periodically down for various reasons. This is not something we can help with. Good status check sites: http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ https://help.mojang.com/
  2. Also, people understand you better, and are able to help with your problems more quickly, if you use punctuation and capitalization at least. Correct grammar also improves the legibility of your posts.
  3. The log has a bunch of references to OpenGL errors, which means your graphics driver may need to be updated. Maybe.
  4. This is good to know, I guess, but it might be better to either check (or post) the logs for a config issue, or report it to mod makers for possible correction. Legends has been around a couple years, and this is the first time I've seen this particular bug.
  5. If you have migrated to (or created your profile with) a Mojang account (instead of original MC account), you'll use your email address as your username. Try that, as suggested.
  6. And you fixed it how, for the benefit of people having similar problems? Missing a server API file, were we?
  7. Not relevant topic - we do not support MultiMC, for obvious reasons. Locked.
  8. Relocated. OP, please provide much more information, particularly in the form of logs from server and/or client.
  9. Can MC 1.10.2 mods even run on Java 7? Genuine curiosity here, as I've never tried.
  10. No logs means you're unlikely to get any help. Crash to Launcher is very common with version/block_ID/item_ID/server-client/etc mismatches.
  11. This a fairly simple block ID conflict. It probably didn't cause a crash until recently because no one had placed the Necromancy block that's causing it. Go find the server's config files, and use an ID fixer/resolver utility to figure out where you have a free block ID to assign to the Necromancy block. Then you'll need to actually do that reassignment in both the server's and client's config files. The thing is that this is a pack that you didn't make, so I wonder whether you added mods to it, or changed the configs yourself for some reason, or if this is a glitch in the pack, or if you're using an older version of the pack without realizing it.
  12. At least you're using item conduits instead of pipes or tubes. Beware delivering coal or charcoal faster than the gens can burn it - pile-up in conduits has crashed more than one server in my past.
  13. If you're pointing to the correct path, and you have removed 32-bit Java, how is the launcher showing it?
  14. Set your Java path environment variable to the Java directory you'd like to use. How exactly you do that will depend on what version of Windows you're running. Re-run the launcher.
  15. You chose this to be the one post you've made, almost a year after the (basically throwaway) post you're replying to? There's no solution to the OP's problem, which you would know if you had spent the time you used to create this post in a brief search.
  16. If you aren't getting more than 950MB on the in-game attrib screen, you're still not using 64-bit Java. You have to not only install it, but run the game with it. Another clue is how much the launcher allows you to allocate. If it doesn't go to 2 GB or above, you're still using 32-bit Java.
  17. We do not condone, support, or encourage software piracy.
  18. If you're on the same Hamachi server, you shouldn't need to port forward. That's half the point of Hamachi. It's possible Windows Firewall, MSE, or another antivirus/firewall is blocking Minecraft. That usually means the Hamachi network is not set to a Home/Private Network on either the host or client, and Minecraft is not set to be allowed on Public Networks (not a good idea to do this anyway imo).
  19. If you actually do have 3GB of RAM, and it's still giving you this error, it's likely that you're trying to start the server with the 32-bit version of Java.
  20. Pre-generating a sizeable portion of the map can help, but may also cause loading lag; otherwise, I'd suggest more like 4 GB to run a mod-heavy server. Even then, map and entity data has to be transferred to the client(s), which can cause data transfer lag for everyone.
  21. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ It's on your end, unless the servers have re-established connectivity since then. Check active antivirus/firewall software (especially firewall).
  22. JourneyMap generates its own config files and such when you run it, so unless you want it to come with default config settings, just don't include those in your pack. If you're making a server pack, it doesn't go in that at all.
  23. No one here really has an answer, clearly. That said, I personally haven't seen that particular garbage collection control used before, though I have seen others. I would suggest looking on the MC forums for the best Java command line sets to use for running a server.
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