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  1. Moved to the correct location. You will need to post the API URL or Platform site for people to test it.
  2. This is a Launcher problem, not a custom pack problem, and as such it goes in the Tracker.
  3. This is a Tracker issue, and doesn't belong here.
  4. Moved from Platform Pagoda.
  5. I'm looking into it. The Platform site Administration seems to be broken for me right now, so I'm trying to get an answer from a site admin. Asking on the IRC channel may get results as well.
  6. The launcher is placed wherever you downloaded it to. Most browsers have an option to look at downloads and see where the objects are.
  7. Your Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod .jar file is not named the same as the one that's available from his site. I would recommend getting mods from the author's site if at all possible. This site does not allow adfly links, so you'll have to locate it yourself.
  8. You're going to want to: 1) clean up your server post. Check for spelling, and organize it a little better. Re-read the server posting guidelines, then edit your post. 2) include a link to the page on the Platform for the pack you will be using. People won't want to play what they can't at least look at beforehand. 3) include more information about the server and community. As it is, this half looks like an ad for a hosting site. Edit: You took too long to fix the post. If you want it unlocked, please contact a moderator.
  9. The Technic Launcher can already launch vanilla. I don't understand the need for a custom one.
  10. Need more info. Where are the server and potential clients? Are you using the Hamachi IP to attempt to join? Is the server behind a router/firewall, and how is that configured? Etc. etc.
  11. This doesn't really belong on the boards. If you want to request staff or developers for a server, post a server ad, even a limited one that shows when the server will most likely be starting, and ask for developers there.
  12. 5k blocks iirc. And I'm not sure if you can move things between dimensions.
  13. Please put issues like this on the Tracker, not here. You need to provide more information before anyone can help you.
  14. I highly recommend checking the Tekkit Servers section of the board. Otherwise, this post goes in the (which I apparently failed to pin until just now).
  15. It belongs in the Tracker, as opposed to the forums. For your issue, though, it's a simple and very common one: you're trying to use Java 8 with MC 1.6.4. Adding this mod: http://files.minecraftforge.net/LegacyJavaFixer/legacyjavafixer-1.0.jar to the server's mods folder (and the mods folder of any clients that are running Java 8) will resolve the issue.
  16. 1) Run the Launcher. 2) Click the Modpacks tab. 3) Type a search parameter in, or copy the pack URL from the Platform site (www.technicpack.net) 4) Click the 'Install' button. 5) Wait. 6) Wait some more. 7) Enjoy!
  17. If your server changes IP addresses, or even port numbers, MapWriter starts and stores a new map folder. Depending on whether the server is dedicated or is an Open to LAN game, that map folder will be in various places. Figure out how to stabilize the server's IP address, and the map "reset" should stop happening.
  18. This belongs in the Tracker. Your error is a very common one. You need the Java Legacy Fixer.
  19. This belongs in the Tracker, with more information than you provided.
  20. Please don't ask for this on these boards.
  21. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> It got boring.
  22. That post is a month and a half old. No, there's no rule about posting a link in your signature, unless you're getting money off of the "community." I was under the impression you were. If you want to be viewed as a professional-looking review site/community/whatever, it would be worth your time to correct grammar and spelling mistakes every time you make them. Intentionally making them, such as in the sentence where you say you are prone to them, doesn't look good, and never will.
  23. You don't have to pipe it - just put the Fluid Transposer directly next to the Magma Crucible, and make sure to set the output from the MC and the input to the FT correctly. Each has a 10-bucket internal tank.
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