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  1. Moved - this is a custom pack and as such belongs where I put it instead of in Hexxit Discussion.
  2. Moved to the appropriate section. Stop bumping.
  3. Kindly fix your title, and add the required information to the post itself to meet the posting guidelines.
  4. I didn't know if you were old enough to have ever visited a mechanic to deal with your car. That error is caused by trying to ask Java to use more memory than you have available. I'm guessing you closed a program or five, and it ran without issues.
  5. So, I have no idea how old you are, but asking this is basically the same thing as walking to a mechanic and saying, "My car won't start. Can you help me?"
  6. Looks like your download URL is for a file named modpack.zip - is your file called cko8.zip? The Launcher's just picking up an invalid URL.
  7. Change the www.dropbox.com in your download link to dl.dropboxusercontent.com, leaving everything else the same.
  8. We can't read your mind, so yes, it's needed.
  9. yes its possibul u hav a lag ishu becuz of the quarry
  10. If you know it's a commonly asked question, surely you have seen it asked at one point or another. The answer to this is always the same: you have 32-bit Java, and that's what the launcher is using. Install 64-bit Java, reboot, and try again. If that doesn't work, you system path variable is somehow hard-linked to the 32-bit version. It should work, though. Unless you have a 32-bit OS still, then you're SOL.
  11. Power failures corrupt world files. The best option is to load from pre-failure backups. The second best option is to reset the missing chunks with MCEdit and take the loss. The third (imo) best option is to pull chunks out of a backup with MCEdit and paste them in where the missing ones are in the world. The fourth option is to make a new world. You should not have actual missing-content world holes in a brand-new map, even with the same modpack, as long as you don't use the exact same world name/seed.
  12. You need to add a platform URL. We're not going to try to hunt for it.
  13. ‚ÄčIf you want to host a pack and have the Technic Launcher recognize it, you need to put it on the Platform (www.technicpack.net) somewhere. So you know, the Platform doesn't use the same login and password as the forums. Then you just need to tell the Platform the pack name, download location (that Dropbox url you gave earlier, updated), and version number (usually starts at 1.00). How are you getting the Launcher to even show your pack to attempt to use it without a Platform page? So, I took a closer look at your pack archive. All "current" versions are the latest for 1.6.4: I assume you're using an OS that doesn't like spaces. Your mod files for DamageIndicators and Applied Energistics still have them, however. bspkrsCore is on 5.3, you have 3.05 The Rei's Minimap file has been renamed from 1.6.2 to 1.6.4, for some reason. As long as it functions, renaming mod files from the downloaded ones is not necessary. TreeCapitator is on r06, you have r02. You're a couple versions out of date on Dartcraft (0.2.18 where current is 0.2.20), and the file for it has 00001 at the beginning for some reason. You're several versions out of date on Damage Indicators ( where current is You're several versions out of date on Advanced Genetics (1.1 where current is 1.4.3). Your Applied Energistics file name is completely different from the download available on either the author's site (http://ae1.ae-mod.info/Downloads/) or Curse (which is appeng-rv14-finale3-mc16x.jar) As far as I know, you don't need AutoUtils if you're not going to include Chisel. I could continue, but I think I've provided enough evidence that you will probably want to review your pack thoroughly for latest 1.6.4 versions before continuing to try to troubleshoot the finished product. Also, be aware that most 1.6.4 mods are no longer being developed.
  14. Moved to the correct location, btw. What is your Platform page url? This may be a definition issue with that. Have you incremented the version number on the Platform after updating the pack? Have you attempted to find .zip formatted versions of the Flan's content packs you are trying to add to the pack? If there are other packs on the launcher that use those particular ones, grab a copy of those and move the files into the Flan folder on yours. Why would you rename mod files to include "files" at the beginning, or remove version numbers? I can see several mod files that don't look like they've come from the authors' sites or the MCF or Curse pages.
  15. You need to do several things with regard to your pack: Change the www.dropbox.com in your download link to dl.dropboxusercontent.com, and the dl=0 on the end to dl=1 Start hunting down "official" copies of the mods you want to use. Use the Minecraft Forums (www.minecraftforum.net), Curseforge (http://minecraft.curseforge.com/), occasionally GitHub (www.github.com/), or the authors' own sites for download. Any other location can and will give you outdated versions or corrupted or malicious software. The names of the files in your modpack zip tell me you probably didn't do that. Flan packs are required to be in the Flan folder, in .zip format, for Flan's mod to read them. If you can't find or make .zip files for Flan's packs, you probably shouldn't be using them. I suggest, if you're unfamiliar with pack making in general, grabbing a well-built 1.6.4 pack and seeing how it's put together. You could probably even use it for a base to build your own pack.
  16. Please put the server post elsewhere, and point to this thread if you want to. This isn't the place for server ads.
  17. Please edit your post to link to a server thread in the Custom Servers section instead of posting the server IP here.
  18. That's a screenshot of the launcher window. Did you push the "Install" button? If so, what happened? For future reference, this type of thing, assuming it's actually an error, goes in the Tracker, not on the Forums.
  19. This isn't the place to advertise, unless you're just linking to the server post (which you don't seem to have created).
  20. Doomlike Dungeons DartCraft Chococraft Chocolate Quest (Better Dungeons) Ruins Floating Ruins (reduce spawn rate unless you like floating islands everywhere) Mo' Creatures (large, heavy on memory) Natura Special Mobs/Utility Mobs/Lava Monsters (use caution with Special Mobs, the AI can make creature-spawning mods server-unfriendly) BigTrees (memory-heavy) Battle Towers EnderIO (some aspects) Why Buildcraft? That doesn't seem to fit with the "magical" theme. If you're going to put that in, you might as well add Thermal Foundation/Expansion/Dynamics and a bunch of other stuff with a tech theme, and just make it another kitchen sink pack. A word on Roguelike Dungeons: Especially when combined with some other mods that change how spawning works, they will lock even a good server solid with the spawning. They must be configured correctly to keep that from happening.
  21. Requests for help like this go in the Tracker, and you will need to post more information.
  22. The Platform uses your email, not username, and password. Note: changing your username may remove inventory, location, permissions, etc., etc. on existing servers.
  23. Change www.dropbox.com in your download link to dl.dropboxusercontent.com, leaving everything else the same.
  24. You must also increment the pack version in the Platform. If you don't do that, the pack will not update in the launcher.
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