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  1. I have used 6 Iron Golems to kill the Wither. They do a really good job to. Just make sure you do it at bedrock.
  2. I checked everywhere, I'm pretty sure it was to big. 256 Transition Planes, and then walls is a lot. Is the max size released? I am using the template frames I know the limit for the normal ones is 5000
  3. A 16x16 cube (other wise a chunk) is to big Doesn't move at all
  4. Oh I see. Liquids are the real problem, everything else can be fix with computer craft. Have you tried the template frames?
  5. Why dont you have the bottom all plains instead of having to move them to the left and right.
  6. What about a horizontal bore that mines at y12? I'm working on a chunk size one that can teleport to different dimensions.
  7. Okay I see. Is there a reason we don't have large liquid storage in Tekkit?
  8. Is the extra utilities Drum disabled? It's not in NEI but I see it in the config with item ID 0. Or is it just a older version of extra utilities?
  9. What I do is delete the unused chunks and move the world over anyway. Yes you will lose some stuff but most of it will be fine depending on what the mods changed. I delete the unused chunks because with power armor you can explore a lot of the map with flying, witch makes the world files really large. I am in the same boat you are, I had a MC sever as soon as multiplayer was released. I just updated it over the updates and the group was happy. We started playing Tekkit before tekkit 3 ( i forget what it was called back then ) It was fun in all but after many new worlds the group started to get annoyed, and so did I. If you delete unused chunk retogen works pretty well, you still have to rebuild some stuff in the updates but it works pretty well. Tell your members to put some stuff ( To help get power back on )in vanilla chest as your AE system will most likely have no power. It is possible
  10. Buildcraft power pipes work with galacticraft machines, It may be that galacticarft doesn't use RF.
  11. They should power a quarry. You are taking about the ones from galacticraft right? Use a conduit from TE. Conduits turn RF to MJ 10 to 1 Edit: Sorry you have to use Build craft power pipes, make sure you enable the solar panel, just left mouse click it.
  12. You can use a wrench, but it will only rotate if there is a output for it. So if there is no conduit or machine it will not rotate.
  13. Make sure it is set to send items. Also in 1.6.4 there is no more item, energy and fluid, one tesseract for all now.
  14. You should try FTB... They have all the mods your suggesting.
  15. Vary true, good point. I just feels a bit silly for Tekkit.
  16. I can't see open blocks or sync coming to this version of Tekkit. Open Blocks is a ton of fun and vary useful, but it doesn't fit with the theme. Tekkit space is a vary specific pack with a vary clear vision. You can add it to Tekkit your self its really easy, and if you play on a sever maybe the owner will add it as well.
  17. The sides really matter in atomic science. I made a video on it in 1.5.2
  18. Sorry It has been so long since a update, But here are two more! Episode 38:
  19. Haven't seen a thread for people to show off their space stations. Here is mine, And what powers it Complete or work in progress, lets see them!
  20. You put my space station to shame
  21. Check your routers ports and the severs IP. It has happened to before when the power went out, my router restarted and I had to update the IP and port. Also reloading the mods could do it. Just re download the sever and replaces he mods folder bin and config, pretty much the same thing you do to update a sever.
  22. To be honest some math would be your best bet. I count 15 turbines facing in the picture, if you built this in a square that would be 225 turbines in all. Each turbine makes 20 MJ(I used the MJ reader on a REC with one large turbine sending it power) a tick (unless you change the config) so that is 4500MJ a tick. WOW... Hows the anti matter going?
  23. Here is OpenP website http://www.openblocks.info/openperipheral/documentation local redstoneEnergyCell = peripheral.wrap("left") Hypno wrote a program that works really well. http://pastebin.com/GAwupSMA Watch the video to under stand how it works. With the amount of power you are producing I don't know how you would be able to find out. Also, you have more then just 2 tesaracks right?
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